Buy stunning wood look tiles from TFO and the savings you get will amaze you. TFO has a huge range of timber look porcelain tiles on offer from countries like Italy and Spain. TFO has made them available to the Australian market at a fraction of the prices elsewhere.

Wood Look Tiles Versus Natural Timber Or Vinyl Timber Planks

Why should you chose wood look tiles over real timber or even vinyl timber planks? Here are some advantages that make wood look tiles a fabulous choice for you.

  • In most cases, they have a porcelain body which makes them extremely hard wearing and scratch resistant.
  • As wood look tiles have a porcelain body, they do not expand and contract in varying temperatures like natural timber does.
  • Having a glazed surface makes them water and stain resistant.
  • Also due to their glaze, there’s no need for sealing, making them very low maintenance.
  • They are easy to clean and keep clean due to their glazed surface.
  • Unlike natural timber where trees have been harvested, many manufacturers produce wood look tiles using a percentage of recycled materials. This reduces the negative impact on the environment and makes them ideal for environmentally conscious people.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you must grout all wood tiles. You cannot butt join (stuck down side by side without a gap) them. However, when you colour match the grout, the joints between the tiles blend in seamlessly.

Features Of Wood Look Tiles

Due to the size and dimensions of wood look tiles, all have a slight bow. The bow may result in lipping issues if you do not lay them utilising the 80/20 percent ratio rule as per the industry guidelines.

However, at TFO we have a wood look tile called the Trento Series. This is currently the only product range that promotes a unique self-levelling technology that the manufacturer has incorporated into the manufacturing process. This range claims the ability to be laid in any way the tiler sees fit. This is because it doesn’t possess the bowing issues present in the other timber look tiles ranges. This claim is unique to this series. However, it is important to remember that everyone should be informed about the generic characteristics of a wood look tile.

The 80/20 Percent Ratio Rule

The image below is a clear example of how the 80/20 percent ratio applies when laying timber look tiles. For example, to avoid possible lipping issues on an 850mm long tile, the adjacent parallel tiles can begin up to 170mm (20%) from either end. The manufacturer never recommends laying them in a true brick pattern. Alternatively, you can utilise a tile levelling system if you prefer another laying pattern.

Wood Look Tiles – The Herringbone Pattern

A ‘Herringbone pattern’ refers to the pattern/layout of the tiles.

As you can see in the image, if you choose to lay your timber look tiles in this format, you are still adhering to the 80/20 percent ratio rule as each tile is only overlapping up to 20% of the adjacent tile.

So, for a huge range of tiles, come visit TFO or buy online now. The quality and the variety we have available will amaze you. But be quick, our stock runs out fast!