Terrazzo Look Tiles Products

Terrazzo Look Tiles Products

Furnish your space in terrazzo tile style — all at outlet prices.

Classic terrazzo tiles are associated with 18th-century Venice, which is when and where they got their name. In Australia, they gained popularity during the Art Deco era of the 1920s-1930s. Today, they’re making a huge splash in contemporary home and industrial design.

The word ‘terrazzo’ means terrace in Italian. But terrazzo style is more versatile than that. Outdoors and indoors, it’s being used to create flooring, walls, counter surfaces and more (see a list of great ideas below!) Today’s terrazzo is found in the grandest of halls and the cosiest of kitchen nooks. At Tile Factory Outlet in Sydney, we offer a huge selection of high-quality, low-maintenance and beautiful terrazzo look tiles.

Sydney’s Widest Range of Terrazzo Look Tiles

Traditional terrazzo tiles can be pricey. At TFO, you can fulfil your terrazzo tile aspirations for a fraction of the cost. Terrazzo look tiles are not only less expensive than traditional terrazzo tiles; they’re also:
• durable
• versatile
• easily blended with many décors
• easy to clean and maintain
• and easier to install than traditional terrazzo tiles.

Porcelain terrazzo look tiles can be utilised in most of the same applications as real terrazzo can — and for some, they may be better. They’re less porous than traditional terrazzo and thinner, making them easier to retrofit or replace existing floors with. Achieve any look you want — from classic to cutting-edge — with terrazzo look tiles in Sydney.

Where Will You ‘Terrazzo’?

Terrazzo look tiles are available in an extensive range of sizes, colours and designs. Patterns include soft, subtle, striking and sensational — to complement countless styles. Stunning terrazzo look tiles can turn renovations into renaissances. In contemporary design, terrazzo look tiles are used in:
• feature walls and panels
• flooring and room accents
• counter and kitchen island tops
• buffets, backsplashes and bathroom vanities
• accent furniture surfacing
• shelving and built-ins
• spas and entry halls
• tabletops
• and, yes, on terraces.

Terrazzo look tiles in Sydney

At Sydney’s Tile Factory Outlet, we offer access to terrazzo style through our extensive range of outlet-priced terrazzo look tiles. You’ll also find complementary flooring collections from Italy (including rectified marble look tiles), as well as large-format and indoor/outdoor tiles.
Visit our showroom or shop online. Check out our latest products and let your imagination run ‘tiled’.