At TFO, we’re passionate about transforming spaces and bringing our clients’ visions to life. Our recent collaboration with Mitch and Mark, renowned for their innovative and bold designs, has just begun. In this blog, we delve into the initial stages of this exciting journey through a Q&A with our interior designer, Stephanie, who has been assisting Mitch and Mark through a tailored design consultation. From their initial consultation to the ongoing design discussions that have taken place, this partnership highlights how our extensive range of tiles and personalised interior design services can turn any renovation dream into reality!

How did the collaboration between TFO and Mitch and Mark come about?

Mitch and Mark were long time customers of TFO and have used TFO in their early renovations to ensure they remained within their budgets. So, when they decided on their latest project, reaching out to us was a no-brainer. Plus, we’re huge fans of theirs!

Mitch and Mark

Could you share a bit about Mitch and Mark’s vision for their bathrooms, laundry, and powder room, and how the extensive range of tile options at TFO contributed to their project design process?

Mitch and Mark are utmost professionals and presented us with a complete vision outlining each of the areas being renovated, including tiles off our website. At first, the wide array of choices available to Mitch and Mark was quite overwhelming; however, once they moved past this initial stage, the excitement of the possibilities available to them really started to kick in!
We often see this with our customers who can struggle to make up their minds due to the vast variety of products we offer within their budget – but let’s be honest, that’s the real beauty of TFO. Our range allowed them to think beyond their budget and embrace the style and affordability they once thought were out of reach!


Mitch and Mark Profile

Were there any unique challenges designing for Mitch and Mark’s home that you encountered during the selection process?

Mitch and Mark aren’t your run-of-the-mill clients; they like to push boundaries!
While functionality remained a priority, our focus was on preserving their bold signature design style. This was crucial to ensure the spaces authentically reflected Mitch and Mark’s unique personalities and the overall aesthetic they envisioned for their home.


Stephanie, Mitch and Mark

How did your role as an interior designer support Mitch and Mark in navigating the tile selection process?

Think of me as their creative sounding board – to keep them focused and excited about their tile choices.
They had a clear vision, but I was there to make sure the tiles weren’t just pretty but practical too. And trust me, decision fatigue is real, especially when renovating multiple spaces simultaneously.


Can you provide any hints or teasers about what the final spaces will look like?

Let’s just say, expect the unexpected! Mitch and Mark didn’t want ordinary; they wanted extraordinary, and that’s exactly what they’re getting. Keep your eyes peeled on our social media as we share updates of their renovation journey along the way.
We are as excited to see the finished masterpiece as you are!

Mitch and Mark Design Ideas


Mitch and Mark Design Consultation

Based on your experience working on this project, what advice would you offer to homeowners embarking on their own renovations with TFO tiles?

We often find that most customers always end up back where they started. So trust your gut!
If you have a vision, stick with it and if you’re feeling a bit lost, don’t hesitate to lean on us for guidance. We are here to make your dream space a reality!


Can you walk us through what a typical interior design consultation at TFO looks like?

A typical design consultation at TFO begins with an in-depth discussion outlining exactly what the client wishes to achieve. Clients are encouraged to bring along any plans, measurements, inspirational photos, samples, or anything they feel will be able to assist me with their tile selection.
To ensure the best outcome I can for the client, I ask a variety of questions. These range from the standard ‘Are you after a particular style?’ to some that aren’t so typical at first, such as what their cleaning routine consists of. This information helps me develop multiple concepts to present to the client. Given our extensive range, it’s important to narrow down the options before the client visits the showroom, which is why a detailed conversation prior to an appointment is imperative.
Then comes the fun part – hitting the showroom! The client is presented with the different concepts to see in person. Once a selection is made, I measure up their plans and provide a quotation or an invoice. Clients also have the opportunity to take home some samples to ensure they’re making the perfect choice.

How do you tailor your design approach to meet the specific needs and preferences of each client?

Simple, we listen! Every client is unique, so we make sure to tailor our approach to fit your style. Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, we’ve got you covered!

Mitch and Mark Design Consult


Mitch and Mark Design Inspo

What sets TFO’s interior design service apart from other similar services?

A common frustration we often hear from our clients is the inconvenience of waiting for stock that has been selected elsewhere. The lead time can sometimes stretch for weeks, if not months, leaving clients without tiles for their home and having to spend unnecessary time reselecting.
Here at TFO, you can place an order immediately for the items chosen during your consultation – what you see is what you get. It’s as easy as pick, purchase, and transform!


What advice would you give to potential clients considering booking an interior design consultation at TFO?

We recommend scheduling your design consultation within about four weeks of when you’ll need the stock onsite. This way, we can ensure that whatever we pick out during our consultation is right there, ready and waiting for you to purchase. It’s all about keeping things smooth and hassle-free!

Mitch and Mark at TFO

Lastly, could you describe the most rewarding aspect of your role as an interior designer at TFO?

Seeing our clients’ faces light up when they step into their newly transformed space – that’s what it’s all about. Knowing we’ve helped turn their vision into reality? That’s the ultimate reward!

As we embark on this exciting interior design project with Mitch and Mark, we’re keen to see how their unique style and our diverse tile options come together to create something truly extraordinary. This is just the beginning, and there’s so much more to come. Whether you have a clear vision or need some inspiration, trust your instincts, lean on our expertise, and let’s create something beautiful together. Stay tuned for the next chapter in our collaboration with Mitch and Mark, and discover how your dream space is just one consultation away!