Ceramic Tiles Products

Ceramic Tiles Products

Ceramic Tiles Have Been Around For Hundreds Of Years

Known for their beauty and colours, people have used tiles which are ceramic in Australia for over 100 years. Having used them for so long, many Australians refer to porcelain tiles as “ceramics”. For clarity in this article, when we refer to ceramics, we refer to the old fashion ceramic floor tiles. These generally have a red or white biscuit. The surface of these tiles is always glazed.

How Are Ceramic Tiles Made?

Before technology advancements, manufacturers fired ceramic tiles for hours in a periodic kiln. Now, most manufacturers use continuous kilns. A continuous kiln is a conveyor belt style technology, which allows greater accuracy. These fire at higher temperatures and achieve better consistency in finishes. In other words, recent advancements in technology have increased technical and aesthetic possibilities.

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However, as technology has improved, housing prices have increased. Most people usually want to install tiles only once. That’s why many people are now opting for porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles have become a popular choice due to their density and resistance to scratching and chipping. They are also available in much larger sizes than tiles which are ceramic. Porcelain tiles have taken Australia by storm. While some countries still find ceramic tiles to be the most popular product type, generally Australians by far prefer to buy porcelain tiles. But why?

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What Is Better – Porcelain or Ceramic Tiles?

Some home owners may use a combination of different types of wall tiles and floor tiles. This is because some wall tiles including ceramics are generally cheaper. In addition, wall tiles do not have the same wear requirements as floor tiles. However, we at TFO recommend porcelain tiles for those that can afford them. That’s because porcelain tiles are more hard wearing and durable. This means that it’s unlikely that you will have to replace them once they are laid. Porcelain tiles are also available in a wider variety of designs, sizes and formats. Many people prefer porcelain tiles because they are easy to clean and maintain. In high traffic areas, porcelain tiles are by far the best option as they are more scratch resistant.


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Where Can I Buy Ceramic Tiles?

The best place to buy ceramic tiles in Sydney is at TFO. You can view Sydney’s widest range of ceramic tiles online and buy now. Of course, you can check out our ceramic floor tiles in our showroom at 107 Warren Road, Smithfield, NSW. Many of our customers find that at TFO, you can buy porcelain tiles at the price that others sell ceramics for. So, as our tagline says, “Visit Us or Pay the Price”. Do yourself a favour!