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Timber Look Tiles Products

Timber Look Tiles Products

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Timber Look Tiles For Your Home At TFO

Tile Factory Outlet is by far the largest outlet of timber look porcelain tiles in Sydney. All products are at a fraction of the prices you would pay elsewhere. Most outlets offer you last years’ styles, discontinued tiles, and end of line products. However, TFO will offer you the latest and the best floorboard tiles – all for outlet prices. Our range of Italian and Spanish wood look tiles is extensive.

TFO is by far the largest outlet of timber look porcelain tiles in Sydney. All products are at a fraction of the prices you would pay elsewhere. Most outlets offer you last years’ styles, discontinued tiles, and end of line products. However, TFO will offer you the latest and the best floorboard tiles – all for outlet prices. Our range of Italian and Spanish wood look tiles is extensive.

Floorboard tiles are available in internal and external finishes. Therefore, allowing you to carry a theme right through your entire home giving you a seamless look. So, why should you buy Timber Look Tiles for your home from Sydney's largest supplier? Here are 6 very good reasons:

1. The Latest Technology Bringing You Latest Styles In Timber Look Floor Tiles

At Tile Factory Outlet, we carry the latest Timber Look Floor Tiles from big brand manufacturers. Sophisticated ink-jet technology is used to produce timberlook tiles or also known as floorboard tiles, or wood look tiles. Products that not only look like timber, they feel like real timber.

Timber look tiles are the latest trend in flooring and wall coverings. The natural beauty of real timber inspires tile designers all over the world to create exquisite wood look tiles.

Our range of styles for our timber look tiles includes cedar, cherry, chestnut, ash, beech, birch, blackbutt, blue gum, ebony, jarrah, oak, and mahogany just to name a few.

2. Timber Look Tiles From Versace Ceramics

At Tile Factory Outlet, we’re continuously updating our huge range of tiles. Just arrived is a superb collection of Timber Look Tiles from Versace Ceramics.

This exquisite range of wood look tiles was inspired by an ancient Japanese technique. The technique of slightly charring the surface with fire to preserve the wood. Combining the best designers and the best technology, the Italians have produced these exquisite Timber Look Tiles that are just stunning.

wood look tiles

Timber look tiles come in plank formats, just like natural timber flooring. Ranging in sizes of; 200×600, 200×900, 200×1200, and 250x1600mm and now up to 250x3000mm. These latest wood look tiles are exquisite with each piece varying just like natural timber. For a modern look, you can choose from the beautiful white washed looks, elegant greys, blues, and anthracites to stunning blacks.

Alternatively, for a natural floorboard tiles look choose beiges, creams, light, medium and dark browns to deep walnut colours. Also, all these latest styles allow you to create your perfect living space.

timber tiles

3. Sydney's Widest Range of Timber Look Tiles

Our range of timber look tiles is just as varied as the natural timbers available from around the world. TFO stocks approximately 350,000m2 of tiles and stone for same-day pickup. This means there is no need to wait 6 weeks for your tiles to arrive. We also cater for all your requirements, whatever your style, we have a product to suit you. Modern, traditional, retro, classic, Hampton style, we have them all with new products arriving every week.

Along with using wood look tiles for your floors, you can also use them to create feature walls. Use them in bathrooms, living rooms and on external walls to create a feeling of textured luxury. Timber tiles can be laid in traditional patterns such like real timber. Or, alternatively try bold patterns such as herringbone, double herringbone, brick-bond or lay them diagonally. You can make your own style statement easily with timber look tiles.

floorboard tiles

4. Timber Tiles Are Durable And Maintenance Free

Timber look tiles or some people refer to them as floorboard tiles are produced by a mechanical process, resulting in timber look tiles which have the beauty and feel of natural timber. Unfortunately, natural floorboard timber plank flooring requires a lot of maintenance and is susceptible to wear and tear. However, floorboard tiles made from porcelain which is durable, frost resistant and scratch resistant. Additionally, floorboard look tiles do not fade even in the strongest sunlight, even our Australian sun.

Also, timber look tiles can survive floods and most importantly are non-combustible. When they are properly installed and maintained, timber look floor tiles have a longer lifespan. Greater than many other flooring options.

Timber Look tiles are known for their sustainability, functionality, and durability. This cuts down on the periodic costs of removal and replacement of real timber. In addition, timber look floor tiles are virtually maintenance free. This means that after you lay them, clean them with warm water as they do not require any harsh detergents, strippers, or cleaners.

timber look floor tiles

5 The Service at Tile Factory Outlet

With so many timber look tiles to choose at the best prices in Sydney, you might feel overwhelmed in deciding. So, why not come to TFO where our experienced sales team will help you make the right choice. Our team can also help with measuring plans, offer design options, and assist you with organising transport.

6. TFO's Prices on Timber Look Tiles

At Tile Factory Outlet, we have a model of high volumes and low margins. Furthermore, this has propelled us to become the largest single tile store in Australia. Allowing us to pass on the lowest prices possible to you. We offer Italian and Spanish timber look floor tiles at some of the lowest prices in the Sydney market.

In conclusion, at TFO we offer first quality timber look tiles for the best prices in the Sydney market. So, to save thousands on your tiles, come and visit us today. Or, you can buy online now at our online tile store. Remember to VISIT us…. or pay the PRICE!

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