Why settle for tiles that only look like timber when you can have the real thing? Believe it or not, there are real benefits to having timber look porcelain tiles over actual timber. Consider some:

Timber, though beautiful is very fragile and delicate. When it gets hot, it swells, when it gets cold, it contracts. When it gets wet it warps, buckles and stains. All of this natural “fidgeting” results in cracks, splits, and splinters. Moreover it needs to be sealed and resealed for its own protection and to maintain its natural beauty.

So wouldn’t it be great to have the pros of natural wood décor without the cons? You can with timber look porcelain tiles. How do they measure up?

Other than looking great, timber look porcelain tiles are tough. Their resistance to moisture means they can be used around pool areas, in kitchens and even bathrooms, without the fear of plumes of mould or mildew taking hold or the swelling that would take place if wood is used in a wet environment.

When you have a real timber floor, the thought of dinner guests showing up in high heels may send chills down your spine as you imagine the chips and pot parks they may leave behind in the wood. With timber tiles, you need not have such a fear.

What size tiles will you need? At TFO, we have a large selection of tiles in various sizes and hues to fit any décor at the lowest prices available. How does that compare to timber planks? Well, the larger the wooden plank you need, the more you have to pay. So timber look tiles are easier on the wallet.

For timber look porcelain tiles, TFO’s got the top quality and brand names you desire. Take a trip to our TFO showroom in Sydney or compare prices and buy from our online tile store to get savings you’ll find nowhere else.