1. Where is TFO located?
2. Can I pick up my order?
3. Is delivery included in the price?
4. How can I pay?
5. Can you store my order?
6. Can I return my order?
7. Do you sell seconds?
8. Do you sell adhesives and accessories?
9. Why are TFO’s prices so cheap?
10. Where are the tiles made?

Frequently Asked Questions About TFO

1. Where Is TFO Located?

The number one frequently asked question about TFO is the location. Our showroom and warehouse are in the same convenient location at 107 Warren Road, Smithfield NSW 2164. Consequently, easy to get to from most parts of Sydney.

2. Can I Pick Up My Order?

The number two frequently asked question about TFO is about Pick Ups. Yes, same day pick up is available. Please refer to our vehicle loading policy at: www.tfo.com.au/tfo-vehicle-loading-policy

3. Is Delivery Included In The Price?

Another important frequently asked question is about delivery. Our prices do not include delivery. However, we have a list of reputable third party transport companies that will take care of your delivery needs. Resulting in a special price to TFO customers based on the quantity of the order and delivery location. Please refer to this link for more information and pricing: www.tfo.com.au/delivery

4. How Can I Pay?

AT TFO, we accept Cash, Credit Card, Cheque and Bank Transfer as methods of payment. In short, funds must be cleared prior to the goods b picked up or delivered.

5. Can You Store My Order?

Yes, we have this service. We allow customers to store their order up to 4 weeks on the premises. However, due to limited space, after 4 weeks a storage fee of $50 per pallet, per extra week stored will be charged.

6. Returns – Can I Return My Order?

We are committed to giving expert advice on choosing the right products for your project. So, we do not accept returns or exchanges for “change of mind”. In the unlikely event of receiving a faulty product, you may return it for a full refund. However, it is the customer’s responsibility to fully inspect the goods prior to installation. Consequently, no claims will be considered after installation.

7. Do You Sell Seconds?

We at TFO only import first quality products from reputable manufacturers around the world. Including, big brands like – Italgraniti Group, Mirage and Pamesa Ceramica, Refin, Gardenia Orchidea, Casatua and more.

8. Do You Sell Adhesives And Accessories?

Yes, we have a wide range of DIY products to complete your project with a professional finish. Brands included Davco and Novatex. Because of our great range and great prices on adhesives, grouts, silicones, primers and waterproofing. Hence resulting in us servicing a large trade clientele.

9. Why Are Your Prices So Cheap?

Being an outlet, we import directly from manufacturers from around the world. Thus, cutting out the distributor and passing the savings onto you.

10. Where Are The Tiles Made?

A very important frequently asked question about TFO is where are the tiles made. To summarize we import tiles directly from European countries namely from Italy, Spain, Turkey and across Asia namely China, Indonesia and Thailand. In brief, wherever else quality tiles are made.