Frequently Asked Questions About TFO

Where Is TFO Located?
Can I Pick Up My Order?
Is Delivery Included In The Price?
How Can I Pay?
Can You Store My Order?
Returns - Can I Return My Order?
Do You Sell Seconds?
Do You Sell Adhesives And Accessories?
Why Are Your Prices So Cheap?
Where Are The Tiles Made?
What are your opening hours?
Do you visit job sites to measure?
I am looking to match my old tiles, do you have them in stock?
How many sheets to a square metre?
What percentage of wastage do I need?
What size tiles can I use on a bathroom floor?
Do you have a catalogue?
Do you sell Carpet / Timber / Vinyl / Roof Tiles?
Do you have matching bullnose for my selection?
Can all mosaics be used in pools?


Can we have samples?
What are your payment terms?
What credit cards do you accept?
Can I pay by bank transfer?
How long can you store my order?
Is all your stock readily available, or do I need to give you a few days’ notice?
What is your cancellation policy?
Do you measure plans?
Do you deliver?

Please refer to our Sales/Front Counter for questions related to pricing, additional tiles or damaged or faulty goods.


Can I use wall tiles on the floor and vice versa?
Can I use 600x600 tiles on my bathroom floor?
What is shade variation?
How do I clean my tiles?

Please refer to our Sales/Front Counter for questions regarding the use of polished tiles for bathroom floors.

Natural Stone

Do I need to seal natual stone / stackstone / travertine / limestone / granite / marble?
What is the difference between 12mm and 30mm stone?
Can I lay 12mm on a road base?
Do you sell corner pieces for the stack stone?
How do I finish off the stack stone feature wall without corner pieces?
Do you sell concrete pavers?
How much sealer do I need for XXM2?


Do you have tilers?
What is the cost of laying / installation per metre?
Do you cut tiles?
Do I need to use pavers in my outdoor area or can I lay tiles?

Please refer to our Sales/Front Counter for questions regarding tiling on substances such as timber, chipboard, vinyl & concrete, the size of grout joints and buttjoining the tiles.