Many tilers and DIY enthusiasts find themselves battling with tile lippage. If you have ever tiled before you would understand the struggles of achieving that perfectly flat flawless finish. Even some of the best tilers struggle laying large format tiles without some element of assistance. TFO recognises this ongoing issue and has partnered with Italian manufacturer Andal to bring to you a revolutionary tile levelling system.

The SAP 3 Tile Levelling System

The SAP 3 tile levelling system gives you the freedom to be able to install all types of stone and tiles without the worries of imperfections. This time saving system works by connecting two tiles together using a clip and wedge, levelling the surface between the two tiles. These clips also act as a spacer and are available in 1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm sizes.

The process is simple:

  • Slide two clips under the tile and into the adhesive approximately 2” from the end of each tile.
  • Place the second tile alongside the first.
  • Slide the reusable wedges into the hole at the top of the clip, pushing it in as tight as possible.
  • Use the pliers to tighten further.
  • Check the alignment of the grout joint and move onto the next tile.
  • Once the adhesive sets, simply kick the clips in the same direction as the grout joint and they will snap off at the base.
  • Go through and pick up all the reusable wedges, then for your next project you will only need to purchase more clips.


This self-levelling clip system aims to safeguard your tiling project by minimising the risk of any lippage. Most people use the levelling system on larger format tiles, as well as rectified edge tiles as that is where they tend to struggle with achieving an even finish.

We even have had reports that many experience around a 40% increase of productivity. This is because the levelling system eliminates the need to adjust your tile levels manually. It also prevents lips from occurring while the glue is drying as tiling adhesive can shrink causing an uneven surface.

Are you looking for a simple way to achieve a professional finish in your next tiling project? Visit TFO to buy your tile levelling system today. As always, we offer you this quality Italian product at a fraction of the price often found elsewhere.