Tiles that look like wood are usually referred to as Wood look porcelain tiles, or timber look porcelain tiles. They continue to receive accolades from both home owners and interior decorators alike. But why? It comes down to this—maximum creativity and minimum risks at a fraction of the cost of real wooden planks.

Imagine trying to locate high quality wooden planks with just the right texture, colour, pattern and aesthetic appeal, not to mention the right size and shape, all to match your creative vision. It does not take much imagination to realize the extreme difficulty of such a task as well as the exorbitant price you would need to pay. Consider also the need for specialized care and you may begin shuddering at the notion.

But now imagine strolling into Tile Factory Outlet (TFO) and selecting just the right tile collection with the rustic elegance and durability to not just serve as flooring but no doubt become the showpiece of whichever room you choose to use them in. The realism baffles your guests as you try to convince them that the tiles are not real wooden planks. Whether your desired interior is a warm rustic traditional look, a sleek contemporary style, or an ultra-modern look, the adaptability of these tiles will match any decor. That is a sum up of the enduring appeal of timber look tiles. But there is more.

The beauty of these tiles that look like wood is not just in their aesthetic appeal and affordable pricing but in their composition

Tiles That Look Like Wood – No Pain But Still Gain

Timber look or wood look tiles prove wrong the saying “no pain no gain”. How so? Well the labour intensive job of sealing real timber planks, the wallet wrenching cost of replacing damaged planks, and the frequent fretting due to the fear of dropping or spilling things on your wooden floor installation vanishes when you choose wood look or timber look tiles. It’s basically the best of both worlds — a marriage of durability and eco-friendliness with nature’s own elegance and timeless beauty along with the intricate detail with which it crafts each individual plank.

At TFO we bring you a large selection of superior quality Italian and Spanish wood look tiles. But since we are an outlet, we bring these tiles to you at outlet prices. Since seeing is believing, drop in to our Sydney TFO showroom and peruse our collection for yourself. Not in Sydney? Not a problem! Check us out online tile store and compare prices. Place an order with us for savings hard to beat.