How can you chose the right timber look tile and how should you lay them? Consider these tips below about laying timber look tiles.

Laying Timber Look Tiles – Tip 1: Laying Timber Look Tiles Pointing To A Focal Point

Long grout lines draw your eye. Therefore, lay your timber look tiles pointing to a focal point in the room, for example a fireplace or a window looking out towards the pool. This will direct attention to that point and helps with aesthetics.

Tip 2: Varied Patterns Are Better

Choose a timber look tile with a realistic wood texture and that has a lot of face variations. As a result, this will give a more natural look to your flooring. Some tiles have as many as ten different faces per colour, creating a more natural and varied look. However, as there will be some pattern repeats, make sure to often rotate the orientation of your tiles to help break up the overall look. You want to avoid spotting the same pattern at a glance. To assist with this, it’s often best to dry lay your tiles out first to work out the pattern and see how they will look, then adjust as necessary.

Tip 3: Go For Rectified Edges

Rectified edges require minimal grout joints and therefore are easier to clean. So, choose a timber look tile with a rectified edge rather than a pressed edge. This will enhance the look and help with maintenance.

Tip 4: Choose A Grout Colour Darker Than Your Tile

When choosing the grout colour for your wood look tiles, we recommend finding the darkest colour in your tile and then choosing one shade deeper. This will help to “trick” the eye into thinking that the grout lines are a shadow around the “wood planks.” This will be especially true if you have rectified edge tiles and small grout lines.

Tip 5: The Longer The Tile The Better

The longer the timber look tile, the more it will imitate a natural timber plank. TFO carries timber look tiles in lengths starting from 600mm to 2000mm.

Tip 6: Shorter Length Timber Look Tiles Are Better With A Herringbone Pattern

If you prefer a shorter tile plank, a little more care is required in creating a natural timber look. It can be harder to trick the eye into thinking the tile is actually wood. But if you’ve found a wood look tile that you really love and it only comes in a shorter plank, try a herringbone pattern. The proportions will be just right and it will add a unique, yet natural look to your flooring.

These are just some of many great tips and more that you can get from the tile experts at Tile Factory Outlet. Buy your timber look tiles from TFO and get great advice plus top quality products at unbelievably low prices. Why not visit our showroom at 107 Warren Road, Smithfield or our online tile store now.