Are you looking for beautiful stone tiles for your Sydney home? Remember, when it comes to stone tiles, you’ll never find that all stones are just ‘chips off the same old stone block’. Natural Stone is a naturally occurring material, and nature loves variety. The way it forms stones is proof of this. So what distinguishes one stone tile type from another?

Let’s compare two types of stone tiles — Granite tiles and Travertine tiles. If you think about granite, it may sound oddly familiar — like “grain” — and from this is its name. It is composed of many types of mineral grains. This motley assortment of multicoloured grains gives granite its characteristic beauty. How is it as a flooring solution?
Granite is one of the hardest materials available for stone tiles. Its hardness means it does not scratch easily or blister and crack under heat. It also is resistant to staining, water absorption as well as mold and bacteria growth. Granite tiles will hold a shine that sticks. Its hardness though means that it is not a surface you’d wish to spend a long time standing on. However, in hot climates it will exude a welcome coolness.

Another type of flooring material is travertine which is a naturally occurring sedimentary rock. It is quite soft compared to granite, and will scratch and stain. However, it creates a warm, rustic, earthy feel and feels soft underfoot. Its natural origins and sedimentary character mean that there is a numerous range of colours and hues available.

We’ve considered just two of a number of types of stone tiles. Knowledge is power. Educate yourself first to make a wise choice for your home.

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