If you cannot decide on the type of flooring to use in your home, tiles should be your top consideration. Although carpet can be appropriate in some instances, tiles remain the perfect option for the majority of homes. In this article we will compare flooring tiles vs carpet, so you can see for yourself which is best.

Tile flooring has become a well known option as far as floor coverings are concerned. You will certainly find something that will best suit your taste.  Together with the aesthetic appeal, there are still various reasons why tiles have become a more popular and practical option than carpet.

Flooring Tiles VS Carpet – Versatility And Cleaning

Tiles can be utilized for various applications. Aside from bathroom and kitchen flooring, tiles are also suitable for dining areas, hallways and foyers. It is also no longer unusual if homeowners also consider installing tiles in their family room or dining room. Even if you decide you want to lie on carpet, buy a rug! Why? Just lift up existing carpet and see what’s underneath. You will never lie on carpet again. Whereas if you use tiles and then a cheap room size rug, you can easily clean the rug outside and the asthmatics of the house will rejoice.

Some might argue that the look and feel of carpet outweighs tiles. Keep in mind that there are thousands of options with tile colours and textures. Choosing the right colour tile will make a room warm or bright. In fact that’s the beauty with tiles, you have so many options to play with. You can lay tiles diagonally to give it a different affect.  You can use border tiles or mosaics to break up areas.

Keep also in mind the maintenance issue.  Tiles are very durable and easy to clean. You can sweep it, vacuum it if you want, then simply mop it. Done.

With these things said, the verdict is in favor of tiles.

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