Pot marks, discolouration, missing corners, distressed weather beaten finish. Sound appealing? It does if you are looking to give a rustic look to your home décor.

The worn look of these tiles is their charm. They have either been quarried or modified to convey the feeling of decades of exposure to the elements and changing times. This in turn, provides the natural or classic, old world look you may be searching for.

Searching for rustic tiles in Sydney? At TFO, we provide a wide range of tile options in a wide variety of tones, textures and finishes that will be make your design reminiscent of ancient Italian architecture or of the peaceful and subtle beauty of nature. Take a trip to our Sydney outlet or compare prices and purchase online to save big. But how can you give a rustic look to your bathroom?

Let’s start with the mirror. It’s functional, but to make it rustic you can surround it with travertine mosaic tiles or slate tiles as a border. You can use stackstone to tile up the outside of your bathtub. You can also use stone look porcelain on the floor and bring the old European feel into your bathroom.

You’ll notice that the colour of rustic tiles are tones that remind one of nature such as terracotta, tan, brown, beige, red, or burnt orange. For further stone mimicry you will find rustic tiles in shades of grey.

Let TFO lend their know-how and offer you an extensive tile collection that will help you acquire that rustic décor you’ve been looking for in your tiles Sydney!