Looking for high quality tiles that will not only beautify your home but that are able to take abuse in stride? Then granite tile may be the choice for you. What makes granite unique?

First consider its origin. Granite is born from hot magma. These high temperatures forge minerals together to form one of the strongest and hardest natural stone materials.

This strength brings much sought after durability to your tile installation. Firstly, granite tile does not scratch easily, neither do they crack or blister from heat when used as kitchen counter tops. Therefore it is safe to place hot pans or pots directly on the tiles without fear of disaster. Love baking? Then you will find the polished surface of the tiles perfect for rolling dough.

Granite Look Floor Tile

Granite tiles also are very resistant to staining. Since they are waterproof, this stops bacteria, mold, and mildew from gaining a foothold. Moreover, you can easily clean the tiles using only mild soap and a little warm water.


There is more. Installing granite tiles actually adds to the value of your home.

Remember that granite is a natural stone and “natural” means that each set will have a unique pattern which cannot be duplicated. So when purchasing tiles make sure you have enough on hand so you do not end up with vastly different patterns in one installation unless, of course, that is the look your after.

When using granite as a counter top, especially in the case of slabs, remember that these will be heavier than normal. Make sure your cabinets have been properly reinforced before installing the slab or tiles.

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