Face it, you want your flooring to be the envy of the entire neighbourhood. Everyone does. But how do you make yourself different from everyone else? Easy, buy cheap travertine tiles.

If you’re hearing the name for the first time and wondering if it’s what you really need, relax. It is a natural stone, deposited by hot springs and comes in a variety of colours.  For the most part, they are shades of tan, cream or even a light brown. Sometimes, however, shades of pink and red are also found. Every box of tiles will have slightly different shades in them, that is part of its charm. You do need to inspect each box to make sure you do not end up with some from an entirely different colour batch.

The stone itself looks deceptively fibrous but is smooth to the touch. It can take on a high shine polish or it’ll do just as well in a more unfinished state. It’s incredibly durable too. Many of the ruins in the Holy Land are made from travertine and have been preserved through time remarkably well. Travertine tiles also have the added benefit of being a ‘green’ product.

Now comes the hard part, where do you find it?

Luckily enough for you, we at the Tile Factory Outlet provide Australians, especially those from Sydney, with the best Travertine tiles at the cheapest prices on offer.  We also provide you with expert advice on its uses and their benefits, so that you can make an informed choice.

Here Are Some Tips If You’re A First-Time Buyer Of Travertine

  • Honed Travertine is the most preferred choice of first-time buyers as its texture is smooth, giving a natural and classy look.
  • Travertine tiles are porous, as are all natural stones and they require sealing.
  • Installing these tiles in your home is as easy (or as difficult) as installing any other tiles.

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