You might have heard of travertine tiles honed filled but have no idea what they are. There is little doubt you have heard of marble tiles or granite tiles. However, what is travertine? We will explain here what travertine tiles honed and filled are.

In the simplest of terms, travertine is a limestone, but it is more than just that. It is a form of limestone formed by supersaturated water found in hot springs. In the US, you can find some of the best examples of travertine in Yellowstone. You can also find it around the world in places like Italy, Turkey, Croatia and numerous other locations.

The use of travertine tiles is nothing new. People used it as far back as the Roman Empire to build both bath houses and basilicas. People have used it in more modern times to build some notable structures. For example, people used it in the former Sears Tower, the first floor of the medical center at UCLA and even the Toronto-Dominion Centre.

Travertine Tiles Honed Filled

Honing is a grinding process. Between the honing and the sealing, it gives travertine tiles a flat finish. That dull or matt finish makes it ideal for kitchen floors because of the traffic they receive. After the honing process, there are still holes within the travertine that must be filled. Normally tile manufacturers do this filling prior to the stone being ground down. This gives the travertine a smooth finish.

Another reason why people choose travertine tiles is because of the colours available. For the most part travertine can be shades of tan, cream or even a light brown. Sometimes, however, you can find travertine in shades of pink and red. Every box of tiles will have slightly different shades in them. But that is part of travertine’s charm. However, you need to inspect each box to make sure that you do not end up with some from an entirely different colour batch.

Travertine Tiles From TFO

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