Travertine floor tiles are a top pick for many homeowners looking to upgrade their décor. What are some advantages of using travertine flooring? What points should be kept in mind to get the full benefit from your installation? Before singing the praises of travertine, first consider why TFO should be your first choice for the cheapest travertine tiles. Come and get the cheapest travertine tiles from TFO.

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The Cheapest Travertine Tiles At TFO

At Tile Factory Outlet, travertine is now an affordable option for you. There are definite advantages to using travertine in your home décor. No doubt the old world, natural, rustic beauty of stone is what initially attracted you to this type of installation. The uniqueness of each tile contributes to this look. However, this uniqueness also has an added benefit.

If you ever need to replace a single travertine tile, it is much easier to find a replacement that fits in with the current installation than it would be to replace a porcelain tile where each set of tiles is unique, and tiles brought in from another batch might clash.

Yet another advantage of travertine tile is that it is easy to cut and shape. As a result, when you need that small corner piece or your installation requires an oddly shaped tile, it will be less labour intensive to get the required shape than it would be when cutting a much denser type of tile like porcelain.

Having said all of this, the best thing about travertine must be the rustic feel it creates in an area. Travertine tiles even feel soft under your feet and that makes them a great option even for your internal rooms such as kitchen and living room areas.

Some Points To Keep In Mind When Choosing Travertine Tiles

  • This type of natural stone tile, though very durable, is quite porous. This means that it has tiny holes which allow it to absorb liquid. It goes without saying then that if a coloured liquid like grape juice is spilled on it and not immediately wiped up, it can stain your travertine. Sealing helps protect the tiles from this type of damage. Ask one of our friendly staff for available options.
  • Tumbled travertine tiles best represent the rustic feel of travertine. However, for easy maintenance, you may choose to fill the holes on the surface of the tiles.

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