It is a fact – in most residential homes in Sydney, the kitchen is one place you’d almost certainly see tiles on the floor and nothing else. Even if the rest of the house uses carpet or timber floor boards, the practicality of tiles usually convinces home owners to choose tiles in the kitchen. They are easy to maintain and hard to damage. If you use the kitchen on a daily basis for cooking, I’m sure you would appreciate that even with the utmost caution, you still drop sauce, oil or even utensils on the floor which you just can’t avoid. So what are the best floor tiles for your kitchen?

Firstly, let’s state that tiles are by far the best materials you can choose to dress up and maintain your kitchen. But there are many to choose from and there are also misconceptions about tiles. See below for some of the best floor tiles for your kitchen that you can choose right now.

Polished Porcelain Tiles

‘Polished tiles? They must be slippery!’ you may be thinking. Yes, they are smooth and therefore they’re not the most anti-slip tiles there are. But who wants tiles that may grip well but are hell to clean every day! The rougher the surface, the harder to clean. Polished porcelain tiles are not nearly as slippery as many think. As long as they are cleaned regularly, they are generally not a cause for concern at all. They are extremely easy to clean. They also brighten up the kitchen area as well as make it look bigger because of the polished finish. One word of advice though, it’s a must to choose pre-sealed polished porcelain tiles. Unlike ceramic tiles that are glazed, polished porcelain tiles are porous on a very minute level. Pre-sealed products will ensure that nothing will stain or discolour the beautiful look of polished porcelain tiles.

Timber Look Porcelain Tiles

‘I’d love to have timber flooring in the kitchen but am concerned about dropping utensils that may dent the floor’ many feel. What if you could get timber flooring that will not scratch or dent easily? That’s exactly what you get with timber look porcelain tiles. They look just like real timber boards. Advancement in digital and inkjet technology has allowed some manufacturers to reproduce the warmth of timber boards down to the finest details. They are also available in a wide variety of colours allowing you to find just the right colour that complements your colour scheme. They are the perfect option if you love the look of timber boards but are looking for the best floor tiles for your kitchen floor.

The Best Place To Go For Floor Tiles For Your Kitchen

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