When you look at your kitchen you will immediately notice that no matter how small it is the floor is generally the largest surface area. What does that mean? It means that it will have a huge impact on the impression that kitchen floors tiles give. So the color of the kitchen floor’s tile is important. Therefore, before venturing off to your tile suppliers in Sydney, this matter of tile color deserves some consideration.

Dark Colors For Kitchen Floors

If your kitchen is prone to high-traffic because of children racing in and out for treats or the like, your kitchen floor will be quickly soiled. If you do not want to commit to the task of daily cleaning, then darker colored tile may help to camouflage or hide the dirt. One solution is marble tiles. The marbling effect of the tile keeps the floor from killing the mood of the room by looking gloomy and dark. In addition it adds visual effect by virtue of its marbled pattern and doesn’t show up dirt as readily as a solid color floor.

Light Colors

If your kitchen uses natural wood cabinets or trim, light colors like cream or white will be a compliment. The light hue of these tiles will make the kitchen seem bigger. This is an added benefit when you have a small kitchen and want to avoid a cramped feel. Wouldn’t having light colored tiles like white and cream make stains appear more readily? Yes, however there is an upside to that. Darker colors will make you hunt for the actual stain, whereas the light color makes it easier to do spot cleaning and you will not need to wet-mop the entire kitchen. However, for high-traffic kitchens, cream or white may not be the best choice because it will readily show up dirty footprints.

Choosing tiles for kitchen floors with these thoughts in mind can help you make a wise choice and make the trip to your local tile suppliers in Sydney worthwhile. Why not check out Tile Factory Outlet for the best selection of kitchen floors