Liverpool Tile Shops

After a tile shop in Liverpool or simply want tiling advice for your tiling job in the Liverpool area? Tile Factory Outlet located just a 10 minute drive from Liverpool. Is known to have Sydney’s best prices on Tiles. On the main road from Liverpool to Parramatta the Cumberland Highway, TFO has one of the largest ranges in Sydney and unlike our competitors Tile factory Outlet has all our tiles in stock for same day pick up. We can even help arrange the delivery for you. Now for some tiling tips.

Tiling Tips

Planning a tile installation in the Liverpool area? At TFO, you’ll find the widest range of affordable, top-end tiles for your tiling project. Take a trip to TFO in Sydney, or compare prices and purchase online for big savings. We’ve also have advice to make your project a top job:

The Margin Trowel—“Your New Best Friend”

  • What is a margin trowel? It is a small, narrow trowel. How will it endear itself to you? It can be used for the following:
  • The margin trowel’s prime purpose is for spreading mortar in areas that are too narrow for normal sized trowels to be used. For example, you may find it handy when you spread mortar along a bathtub.
  • You can also use the margin trowel for back buttering smaller tiles, especially when the tile’s back has small grooves or notches. The margin trowel is perfect for getting the adhesive into the nooks and crannies.
  • The margin trowel’s small size also makes it useful for scraping up the last bits of adhesive from the mixing bucket.
  • When you need to pry up a tile that has already been laid in adhesive, you can use the margin trowel.
  • Another practical application is to use the margin trowel to clean adhesive off your notched trowel.
  • Yet another use is for cleaning up messy grout lines that have already set. If you find that they are somewhat lumpy or uneven, you can use the margin trowel to gently scrape the grout away.  Be careful not to dig too deep so as not to destroy the remaining grout or damage your tile.

For more tiling tips, check out our TFO. Let TFO provide the know-how and superior products needed for installing tiles in the Liverpool area.