Hunting for affordable, top quality tiles can be a long process. Instead of scouring the area for a tile shop Liverpool, take a trip to TFO in Smithfield, compare prices, or purchase online. You will get savings and products that you will not find elsewhere. So what makes TFO so different?

Italian tiles, polished porcelain, glazed porcelain, stack stone, natural stone, these are just some of the popular tile varieties that are part of our extensive collection here at TFO. Not only are our tiles available in a wide range of styles, but they are available in brand names that are synonymous with quality, such as Italgraniti, Turkish Travertine, and STN Ceramica.

TFO also believes that high quality products need not translate into high prices. Many of our products come to you at some of the lowest prices around, at 50% less than competitors, sometimes even more. But bringing savings is not the only factor setting TFO apart.

At your disposal is well over 100 years of combined tile experience. We are ready and able to offer you services such as a free colour consultation, as well as provide know-how in interior design, and the like. Our importers and salespeople are experienced and at the ready. This assistance is available to you in several languages.

With some 350,000 m2 of tiles to choose from, we are able to provide what you need.

All being said, check out TFO and see that we are a cut above other tile shops in Liverpool.