Installing tiles is not all about the fixing aspect. It allows for creativity and flair. Here are some tips about using accent tiles.

First, “look before you leap” by giving careful thought and plan where and how you will use them. You will be living with your choice for a long time. If you have difficulty visualizing how the tile will look, get some construction paper, cut it into blocks the same size as your tile and sketch the design on it. Or you can even make same-size photo copies of the decorative tile. Then tape these copies to the wall or set them out on the floor. Move them around until you get an arrangement that you are pleased with. Afterwards, you can plot out the final installation on graph paper. If you are using randomly placed or widely spaced accent tiles, you should balance them throughout the installation. Too many and they take over and are no longer an accent.

Another possibility is to create a pleasing hexagonal floor pattern with the edges, not the points, running parallel to the longest walls in the room. Put a rectangular border around it to complete your design.

You might also choose to lay border tiles around the room. Keep in mind that borders of this type look best when walls and floors are close to even and plumb. If not, the straight lines of the border will emphasize the irregularities.

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