Borders  are one of the latest decorating styles and is especially used in bathrooms. This trend is superseding the use of horizontal borders which have been used over the last 20 years.

What are the differences between putting a horizontal border and a vertical border?
The effect is simply that it encloses the room and makes it appear smaller. Horizontal borders give you the illusion of width, making wider angles and pulling together the inside and outside around the window to the outside views.

On the other hand, the effect of vertical borders help form the appearance of height. Applying vertical lines to your wall can improve your room which has a low ceiling or a space that is smaller because it raises the ceiling and at the same time it also makes the room look bigger or larger. It gives you a ceiling that is with a sense of towering. The balance is also enhanced with vertical borders.

Although it gives an illusion of expansion of the height of the room, vertical borders are more of a feminine touch. The distinct characteristics and effects of the horizontal is easy to distinguish. In bathrooms the use of vertical borders or inserts is increasing in popularity.  The choice is endless with so many products available.  You can choose an endless array of marble mosaics, glass mosaics, glass tiles, travertine mosaics and metallic inserts or a combination of all these products to create a beautiful vertical insert or feature wall.

For creative ideas on the use of borders to enhance your room, why not visit our showroom and the guys at TFO will be more than happy to give you some extra ideas. Chances are, you will save yourselves a lot of money, whilst improving the look and feel of your room.