If it’s your first time shopping for tiles in Melbourne, you may be surprised at the sheer variation of porcelain floor tiles available in just one tile store. The variation of tiles has been rapidly growing in the last few years with many manufacturers taking advantage of innovative technology that allows them to push the limit of their designs. All porcelain tiles are much more durable than traditional ceramic tiles because of their denser body. But you may feel confused because you are faced with so many options to choose from. Below, you’ll find useful information about some of the most popular products that will help you decide which porcelain floor tile best suits you by porcelain floor tiles Melbourne.

1. Polished Porcelain Tiles

Polished porcelain tiles have been available for a number of years. They are some of the most common porcelain floor tiles used in residential and commercial buildings in Melbourne. Their polished surface reflects over 90% of light, therefore it visibly makes your room brighter. It also makes the room optically look bigger which is great for small bathroom floors and walls. They are extremely easy to clean because of their smooth finish. However, make sure to purchase products that are nano pre-sealed. It will prevent the tiles from getting stained or discoloured in the long run.

2. Glazed Porcelain Tiles

Many floor tiles from leading manufacturers in Europe come in the form of glazed porcelain tiles. Glazed porcelain tiles often have vibrant to subtle expressions of colours and patterns printed on a porcelain body. Digital design and printing technology allows manufacturers to create sophisticated designs that are unlike anything else. Some of the most popular Italian and Spanish glazed porcelain floor tiles in Melbourne often feature the natural character of marble, travertine and sandstone.

3. Timber Look Porcelain Tiles

Timber look porcelain tiles are taking Melbourne by storm in the last couple of years. Advanced technology is allowing manufacturers to produce these porcelain tiles with the depth and warmth of genuine timber boards like never before. A durable porcelain body makes it attractive for many who are concerned about scratches and dents on timber floor boards. The availability of timber look porcelain tiles in both natural and non-slip finishes means you can have the same timber look tiles inside and outside of your home for a modern seamless look. As no trees are cut down, they are truly environmentally friendly.

The variation of porcelain tiles mentioned above are just a few of many more types of porcelain tiles available today. The only thing is, sophisticated products that you just love aren’t cheap. But don’t let this discourage you from getting the best you deserve! You may not think of buying from a store interstate when thinking of buying cheap, but doing just that might save you thousands.

TFO is known for having the latest premium products from Italy at a fraction of the price of normal retail stores in Sydney. Some products are priced up to 70% lower than other stores. So if you have a big job, you’ll literally save thousands even if you have to get them delivered down to Melbourne. Check out our delivery information for a reliable third party company who can deliver tiles to your door.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us now to find out more, or visit our online tile store to browse our range.