This fabulous polished porcelain “Carrara”, just like the name implies, has a surface design which is soft, subtle and sophisticated. The large format of 600x600mm is rectified which means that the tile has been mechanically cut to an exact size as opposed to being moulded and fired. This allows the tiles to be laid more closely together, giving you the added benefit of thinner grout lines.

Being nano pre-sealed from the factory, makes the product more resistant to wear and tear and staining. Polished porcelain is a great product to use for all internal flooring and bathroom walls and floors. It is also highly reflective and will make your areas appear larger, providing a greater feeling of space, as it reflects up to 90 percent of light.

Porcelain tiles are manufactured using advanced technologies that provide an incredible range of colours, sizes and styles to choose from. Because, they come in stone look, marble look and timber look. Made from selected refined clays and pressed before baking at very high temperatures produces a product that is very tough, extremely dense and is far superior to ceramic tiles.

Carrara is suitable for all those who like simple, clean, modern lines. Therefore, It’s a diverse, ultra-low-maintenance tile that suits any modern family home. It’s also great for those who like the look of natural stone without the hassle of maintenance. Polished porcelain is easy to clean and on a hot summer’s day wonderful to walk on barefoot.

Polished porcelain will add glamour and mystique to your surroundings.