The latest addition to our ever expanding range of outdoor tiles is the ‘Point’ series, made by one of the most reputable Italian manufacturers, Keope. It adds a new dimension to our range by introducing the look of natural quartzite, which features vibrant expressions of varying shades of colour. The character of each tile is unique and realistic down to the finest details which will transform your entire outdoor area with a sense of true luxury and quality. Let us explain more about Point outdoor tiles.

Point Outdoor Tiles – Colour Tones

The blending shades and tones of colours allow you to create an outdoor area that is truly “you” with complete freedom. Being proudly made in Italy, it’s tested so as to meet the highest standards of quality tiles in the industry. Raw materials are spray dried and dry pressed at the specific pressure of 450kg/c /m2 and then is fired at a temperature of 1250 degrees centigrade. The resulting material is full-body, compact, absorption-proof, frost-proof and is resistant to chemicals and physical stress.

The ‘Point’ series is offered in four colours to suit your style – Silver, Beige Multicolor, Grey Multicolour and Sand.