What’s your favourite colour? Most likely, it’s NOT grey, right? But grey is just everywhere! Renovation magazines often feature grey in interior and exterior designs. Grey has even penetrated into fashion magazines where super models are wearing a combination of grey and another vibrant colour. Why so much grey? Well, there might be psychological reasons as to why grey is so popular, but we’re not psychologist, so we don’t know. But one thing is for sure, grey is an extremely versatile colour. It goes with anything and complements other colours really well. If you want a piece of art or a piece of much loved furniture, there is no better way to make it stand out than to use grey as a backdrop. So, what about tiles? As it turns out, there are so many grey tiles to choose from. Below are three types of grey tiles you’d definitely want to consider.

Grey Timber Look Tiles

Have you always wanted grey timber floor boards? It’s a bit too much to ask for genuinely grey timber floorboards as natural wood comes in only a limited amount of colours. But with the advancement in technology, we can now get the look of grey timber in porcelain tiles and they look really authentic! TFO has a wide range of grey timber look tiles. One of the new products at TFO is the LDL timber look tile. Among the four colours available at TFO are three shades of grey, namely light grey, ash grey and charcoal, so you’ll find exactly the right shade of grey for your home.

Grey Concrete Look Tiles

Grey has become popular since the industrial look became the trend in the past few years. Polished concrete flooring is now featured in more areas than before because grey evokes a sense of solidness and maturity. But concrete flooring has some disadvantages. The concrete slab needs to be very thick which obviously weighs tons. It also requires periodical maintenance just to keep its original appearance. So the introduction of concrete look tiles has been welcomed by many with a passion. Porcelain tiles are much easier to install and they require little to no maintenance to keep their original look.

Grey Stone Look Tiles

If you want the look of natural stone but want easy maintenance, stone-look porcelain tiles is the way to go. In particular, Italians and Spaniards offer some of the most sophisticated stone look porcelain tiles. They are just as easy to maintain as the two types of tiles mentioned above and much more affordable than real natural stone tiles. As an example, think about the two shades of grey available in the Mineral D series by Italgraniti, Galena and Pirite. Each piece of tile is designed with a unique pattern and it contributes to a very natural end result.

Grey is here to stay and it enhances your interior and exterior designs like no other. Now is the time to check our full range of grey tiles!