There’s never been a time like now when such a wide range of outdoor tiles are available. That’s not surprising when you see just how many people are searching for outdoor tiling ideas. Our own research shows that “outdoor tiles” is one of the most popular keywords typed in ‘Google’ when searching for tiles. More and more people are looking for ways to improve the ascetic appeal and the functionality of their outdoor area. Are you in search of inspirational outdoor tiling ideas? If so, the three types of products mentioned below are definitely worth considering.

Outdoor Tiling Ideas – Stone Look Tiles

The look of stone can dramatically enhance the appearance of any outdoor area.  However, when it comes to natural stone tiles, whilst they are beautiful, they do come with some disadvantages.  One of the main issues is their maintenance as they need regular sealing.  Natural stone is also not cheap like some other tiles.  But if you love the look of stone, there is now a perfect outdoor tiling idea for you.

Porcelain tiles are now reproduced with the fine details of natural stone. They are the perfect answer to all the problems of natural stone tiles. Stone look porcelain tiles don’t require maintenance as they are already glazed therefore making them extremely practical.  Until recently, stone look tiles didn’t look authentic, but now thanks to innovative ink jet printing technology, you can now get stone look tiles that look just like real stone, less the high price tag.  Coupled with an R11 anti-slip rating, they are an ideal choice for your outdoor areas.

Timber Look Tiles

Who doesn’t love the look of natural timber? However, because of the maintenance involved and the fragility of natural wood, many stay away from using timber in their outdoor areas.  Even if you are able to maintain it, if exposed to sun and rain, the wood can still deteriorate quickly.  So, for those who love the look of natural timber and would love to enjoy the timber look in their outdoor area, you can now get stunning timber look tiles for a fraction of the price of real timber and with no maintenance.

Timber look tiles are made with a strong porcelain body making them very practical and not too costly.  Here again, we see printing technology achieving great heights and capturing the warmth and genuine character of natural wood.

Concrete Look Tiles

One of the trends that is taking Australia by storm is the industrial look and one of the best ways to achieve the industrial look is by using exposed concrete.  However, concrete can get stained, it can chip away and it can be difficult to maintain its appearance.  That’s why you should consider using tiles with a concrete look. There are many colour variations and patterns, and coupled with extreme practicality, they are another ideal tile for your outdoor area.

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