Your outdoor feature tiles should be tough yet tasteful, functional but fabulous. How can you get the proper balance? Let TFO help.

Firstly, we give you a wide selection of beautiful outdoor feature tiles to maximise your options. With over 500,000m2 of prime quality products, and over 100 years of combined experience, we have the tiles, tips and tricks to transform your exterior with the decor of your dreams.

Secondly, we provide all of this to you at outlet prices, tough to beat in Sydney. Here are a few tips and tile options.

First and foremost, a very popular choice when it comes to outdoor feature tiles is stack stone. Being made up of pieces of nature stone, they suit all environments. Few tiles make as much of an impact as stackstone. At TFO, we have a great range of the latest styles of stackstone.

When choosing your outdoor feature tiles, think first about what style you plan to use to design your area. Is it a spa feel around the pool area? Or are you going for a private nook for coffee with friends, perhaps reminiscent of a European café patio? Each of these would by necessity require different types of tiles. Match the tile to your desired style for maximum aesthetics and to help pinpoint which tiles are right for you.

For example, here at TFO we have some great selections for you. Stackstone looks, mosaic looks and natural stone looks, all here at the lowest prices possible. These stunning porcelain tiles are ideal as they don’t require the maintenance of other tiles.

Outdoor Feature Tiles – Tip

Another consideration is colour. It is a primary consideration when matching your sofa, curtains and indoor tiles. But it is just as important in your outdoor installation. A good rule of thumb—brighten dark areas with light coloured tiles, and shade brightly lit areas with darker tiles. The converse of this rule will make a dim area even darker.

We have numerous options waiting for you at our TFO showroom. Stop in and browse our selection of premium outdoor tiles offered to you at the lowest prices around.