Non-Slip tiles, there is nothing more Australian than to enjoy the company of your family and friends with a BBQ in your own backyard. We just love the openness and freedom of the outdoors. So, when it comes to designing your outdoors space, you shouldn’t settle for just the bare minimum. Make your outdoor area an unforgettable space.

Unfortunately, all too often, residential outdoor spaces are neglected. Many outdoor areas are either just concreted or paved with standard clay or concrete pavers. That’s partly because there’s just never been a large selection of beautiful non-slip outdoor tiles to choose from. And if there were, if there is any, their unreasonably high prices have steered many away from buying them.

But thankfully, those days are over. You can now find truly inspirational non-slip outdoor tiles at incredibly low prices. Some of the most sought after outdoor tiles are manufactured in Italy. TFO has been increasingly importing non-slip outdoor tiles from some of the best-known manufacturers in Italy including Italgraniti and Gardenia Orchidea.

One of the most important factors when choosing outdoor tiles is the non-slip factor. Outdoor areas are exposed to elements such as water and dust that can make the area slippery. How can you determine the anti-slip factor of a tile? There is an international standard called DIN classification, which oversees the anti-slip rating by giving an ‘R’ value. The higher the rating is, the more anti-slip the tile is. Non-Slip tiles.

In residential outdoor areas, we recommend the minimum rating of R11. When shopping for outdoor non-slip tiles, look for an ‘R11’ rating or higher. Depending on the environment of the tiling area, you may even prefer to opt for tiles with R12 or R13 ratings.

One thing to keep in mind is the maintenance required to keep these tiles clean. As you can imagine, the rougher the surface is, the harder it is to keep clean. So it is advisable that you touch and feel the texture of the tile prior to purchasing, so as to consider both the safety factor as well as the ease of maintenance.

Here at TFO, you’ll just love the large range of non-slip outdoor tiles available. Some of the most popular exterior tiles include natural stone look Italian glazed porcelain tiles, timber look porcelain tiles and concrete look porcelain tiles. Additionally, many of them are available in two textures: one for indoor and the other for outdoor. You can create a uniform and seamless space by using the same tile inside and out.

There’s never been a better time to transform your outdoor area with non-slip outdoor tiles. Look below for some of the most popular products at TFO. Buy non-slip outdoor tiles online now.