Kitchen Flooring

Life is full of decisions. Choosing the type of kitchen flooring that is right for you is not an easy choice. And the sheer number options does not make it any easier. But consider some advantages of going with tiles as your flooring option as opposed to other options such as wood.

Wood floors for your kitchen may be somewhat easier to stand on than tile, but tile has many redeeming attributes. For example, the splashing water from dishwashing need not make you cringe, because ceramic tiles is water resistant. So the moisture common in a kitchen environment will do less damage to a tile floor than it will to a wood floor, and consequently this equals less damage to your bank account.

Tile Like Wood

Wood will always look like, well…wood. Meaning it doesn’t allow you to get as creative as you can with tiles. The vast number of colors, shapes, and textures available provide you with the means to explore your artistic side. You can create borders, mosaics, herringbone patterns, checkerboards, and the list goes on. Moreover, it is far easier to find a variety of tile that will match your furnishings and cabinetry. Other types of kitchen flooring, like wood, will only give you a limited choice in this area.

Tile is also more durable than wood. Although high traffic may bring in dirt it will take a lot more to scuff up the shine on your tiles then it will to dull the finish on a wood floor.

In short, choosing tile as your preferred kitchen flooring not only allows you to release your inner artist but provides you with a way to adapt to your fixtures and furniture in a complimentary way and gives you the confidence of more durability.

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