Tiles come in an amazing array of finishes, colours and patterns as well as an abundance of shapes, sizes and materials. When selecting them, remember that the more texture and variation a tile has, the better it will disguise seams, scratches, irregularities in the base floor and dirt. For ease of maintenance, avoid solid colors such as black or white. Moreover, for better safety, avoid slick finishes in high traffic or wet areas.

How Many Tiles Do I Need To Buy

Sketch the room on graph paper and write down all the measurements. Be sure to include cabinets or other protruding fixtures, then subtract their individual areas from the total floor area. Divide large or oddly shaped rooms into smaller shapes, for example, two rectangles or a square, and combine their total area. Take your sketch with you when you go to Buy Your Tiles Online From TFO Online Store. Let the tile retailer check your calculations. Always buy a little more than you think you’ll need.

Some Other Quick Notes

Porcelain tiles have many patterns, colours, sizes and shapes, including mosaics. They generally are uniform in size so that grout joints can be neat and regular. They are very durable and water-resistant.

Slate and flagstone tiles generally have a smooth to coarse surface texture. Shapes may be irregular. They scratch easily so coat with slate sealer. Brick and clay pavers are available in a number of earth tones. They are very durable.

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