Gone are the days when you could only purchase tiles from a few local high-priced retailers. Thanks to the growth of large companies and the internet, now you can purchase a wide variety of wall and floor tiles at amazingly cheap tile prices. This means that you can now get better prices than ever before. Did you know, Tile Factory Outlet Pty Ltd in Sydney has a very wide variety of ceramics, porcelain and natural stone tiles all at the lowest prices in Australia?

Buy Tiles Sydney At Tile Factory Outlet

Many find that they can now save so much money on renovating simply by searching online. Did you know that Tile Factory Outlet also has an online tile store that will allow you not only to compare our amazing prices, but also to buy tile online.

Tile Factory Outlet is committed to not only providing Sydney’s best quality tiles but also educating the general public so that all buyers can be sure that they get quality tiles that suit their tiling project. For instance some have a small dwelling that requires extra light to make their property look bigger and more spacious.  Polished porcelain tiles with nano preseal are a great option in this case.

Polished porcelain is a product that has been one of the best selling tiles for over a decade. Why? This is because of its chip resistancy and high light reflectivity even though it looks slippery, (just like polished marble and granite). Polished porcelain is also great to use in wet areas like bathrooms. So what is nano preseal? This is where nano technology is used to create a sealer that reflects more light and repels most stains.

What though if you have a large house and want to have quality for you and your family to enjoy? Many people are choosing travertine tiles for indoor use and travertine pavers for their external areas. Why? This is because nothing feels as good with bare feet as travertine. It has a great texture. Its warm neutral colouring seems to be not only inviting but also comfortable and elegant. This classic look is great if you wish to add value to your home. Its light tones are universally in demand. So even if you want to sell your home, travertine will add real value to your home. After all who wouldn’t like to buy a home with travertine floor tiles?

The above are just two of the many options available at Tile Factory Outlet. Visit our showroom located at 107 Warren Road, Smithfield to see our huge range that we have available for your tiling project. You can also buy tiles Sydney from our online tile store, in the comfort of your own home.

Can you see how the internet is creating opportunities for competition on not just price but also the quality of tiles? Yes a true win/win for the well informed consumer.