Glazing a tile helps to keep stains from seeping into the tile body and drastically reducing its beauty. It also keeps the tiles from absorbing moisture, which also reduces its life. There are three types of glaze being matte, and semi or high gloss.  Consider the last two.  Semi and high gloss tiles are both on the shiny side. However, both types have different characteristics that should be taken into consideration with regard to things such as how easily they show up dirt, how easily they scratch, and how much traction they provide. True, a certain glaze may not keep you from using the tiles in a desired setting. However, when beauty is combined with functionality, these factors become an issue.

When you use semi-gloss tiles or high-gloss glazed ceramic tiles on a kitchen wall or backsplash or on your bathroom walls, the gloss reflects more light than matte or flat finish tiles. This, in turn, makes the space “open up” so to speak and gives the illusion of space. It also brightens up the atmosphere.

Gloss Tiles

If you have decorative borders, accents, trims, or mosaics, then using high-gloss ceramic tiles will help to draw the eye toward these features.

When slip resistance, dirt visibility, and scratch resistance is an issue a person may opt to use matte finish tiles. However, if you still prefer the pop of high-gloss it would be good to check with your tile retailer since some glazes have been made to provide such features.

However if functionality is not an issue, you can use the type of finish that provides the best aesthetic feel for the setting. Tiles with a high shine make a room look more modern and therefore may be the choice for you. However, matte finish tiles are more rustic, and give a more natural or homey feel.

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