Just about everything that comes from Europe seems more expensive. Cars, brand name fashion items and food ingredients, they all come with premium price tags compared to their local or Asian counterparts.

The same can be said about tiles too. European tiles are marginally more expensive compared to locally manufactured or Asian products and sometimes the difference can be staggering. For this reason, some tile retail stores simply refuse to sell anything from Europe as they can’t put any reasonable prices on them.

Are Premium Prices Of European Tiles Justifiable?

Whatever the product may be, most people recognize the difference in European products. It may be the authenticity that elevates some products above their counterparts or it may be the cutting edge technology used which allows them to create something different. All in all, European products have strong appeal despite the higher price tags.

The reason why European tiles are popular despite the premium price tags is similar. Europeans are the first ones who invented ceramic tiles. The history of ceramic tile producing goes back many centuries in Europe. The long tradition of making ceramic tiles allows manufacturers in European countries such as Italy, Spain and Turkey to produce authentic products that earn the respect of many.

European tile manufacturers are also the leaders in using the latest innovative technology. The use of advanced technology elevates their products above competitors around the world by offering something truly unique. Some of the latest designs are presented at the Cersaie annual ceramic tile fair in Italy which sets the benchmark for others to follow.

Where Can I Get European Tiles Cheap?

That’s a good question. Unfortunately, most tile retail stores just can’t bring the prices of European tiles down. Some of them don’t even stock them, waiting to order them right until a customer’s purchase is complete.

The good news is that you can now buy European tiles cheap. Here at TFO, we offer European tiles at prices you can afford. TFO imports top quality tiles, with the Australian market in mind, from some of the leading tile manufacturers in Europe including Italy, Spain and Turkey. While many compromise on quality in order to reduce costs, we import only the finest quality products without compromising. All products sold in store and online are stocked in our massive warehouse, so you can arrange same-day pickup or delivery as soon as the purchase is complete.

So, make the most of this opportunity and buy the tiles you truly love at prices you can’t resist. Choose from a wide range of Italian and Spanish glazed porcelain tiles, lappato porcelain tiles and timber look porcelain tiles.
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