A healthy residence is a clean house. Cleaning mould and mildew from your tiles is equivalent to having a clean residence. How can you do this? Aside from the normal cleansing solutions available on the market, below are a few tips from the pros.

Typically your kitchen and bathroom are the favoured areas of mould and mildew since they’re generally exposed to extra humidity or high humidity.

Take into account that safety is a top priority, so remember to use rubber gloves when cleaning mould since mould and mildew might cause disease. You must keep your area well-ventilated and safeguard your hands from hazardous substances.

A thing of warning concerning bleach. Be careful not to mix bleach with items that contain ammonia. If you do, the resultant mixture will be a very poisonous gas.

A ¾ cup bleach in 4 liters of water is an efficient weapon against mould on tiles. With this particular solution, fill a brand new, unused spray bottle. If you intend to use it in the shower, remove the shower curtain first.

Spray the tiles and let the bleach solution stand for roughly 10 mins. With hot, clean water, rinse thoroughly afterwards.

What about the grout? Scrub the same bleach solution into the grout using a brush. Let it stand for ten minutes, then wash with hot water and let it dry.

You should clean out mould or mildew that impacts your grout. This can be done with a putty knife.  Remove all the old grout first, then clean the joints with the bleach solution and brush, then replace it with new grout. You should consider using grout varieties that contain antimicrobials that inhibit the development of mould and mildew.

You now have taken a significant step in protecting your family’s health and preserving your lovely tile installation.

With this new found information, you can confidently maintain and clean the look of your tiles for years. Get a great deal on top quality bathroom tiles at the cheapest prices possible by visiting our TFO showroom or our online tile store today.