How nice it is to have a newly renovated bathroom with your favourite tiles! A beautiful bathroom can be a cause of joy and also add value to your entire home. But renovating the bathroom is one thing, while keeping it clean is another story. Read the below to see how to keep tiles clean.

Even if you use large format tiles with narrow grout joints, you can never eradicate the chance of having mould or mildew in your bathroom. The environment of the bathroom which is damp, airless and warm is perfect for mould and mildew to grow. Even if the tiles are clean, what an eye sore it is when you see black stained grout joints. Some types of mildew can even be severe health hazards.

Below are some tips you can follow to keep your bathroom tiles and grout joints clean. If you already have some mildew growth, don’t give up! It’s not too late.

1. Keep Your Bathroom Ventilated

Kill the dampness in your bathroom as much as possible. During and after you take a shower, keep your bathroom ventilated by opening windows or turning on the vent fan. Leave it ventilated for a while after a shower to let all the moisture out of the room.

2. Use A Fully Synthetic Material For Your Shower Curtain

Do not use fabrics that can absorb moisture. Use fully synthetic materials such as polyester for your shower curtain. It’s best to replace the curtain on a regular basis. Try to shake off the water each time you take a shower.

3. Remove Water From Tiles

Buy a short-handle squeegee for each bathroom and use it every time you take a shower to remove water on the walls, glass screens and floor. This helps not only to remove moisture but also prevents soap scum from building up which can be hard to remove.

4. Scrub Tiles And Grout Joints

If you notice soap scum or mildew starting to grow, scrubbing may be needed to remove it. It’s best not to rely on any chemical based cleaners, especially if you have natural stone tiles. Rather, use a microfiber cloth with water. For grout joints, scrubbing with a stiff bristled toothbrush may be all that’s needed.

5. When Scrubbing Is Not Good Enough

If scrubbing with water just doesn’t work, you may try using bleach. But make sure to start with a low concentration of bleach in water. Try this mixture in a small area first to make sure it doesn’t discolour your grout or tiles. If a low concentration doesn’t work, gradually add more bleach to the mix. Keep the bathroom ventilated and never mix bleach with other chemical based cleaners.

If you follow the steps above, your bathroom will stay clean for a long time. But it’s important that you follow these steps every day to keep mould and mildew at bay.

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