Over the last few years, tiles are advancing at an incredible rate. Once tiles were just the practical option to use in Adelaide as they have strength and are resistant to wear and tear. However, now most choose tiles because they simply are the best option. Tiles are not only practical but also have beautiful ascetics. As tile manufacturers use the latest technology and continue to produce cutting edge products, the range of tiles is rapidly growing ever wider. Now finding the right tiles for your home is one thing but finding them at affordable prices in Adelaide is another. Below are some suggestions to help you get the tiles you love at prices you would never have thought possible, cheap tiles Adelaide.

If you thought that you’d find a Tile Factory Outlet in Adelaide, you won’t – not yet anyway. In order to keep our running costs low, Tile Factory Outlet currently only operates in Sydney. But that doesn’t end it all. As TFO’s tile prices are so cheap, you will see that you will still make big savings even after getting your tiles delivered to your home in Adelaide. You can save up to thousands, particularly if you have a large project that you are working on. You might wonder why the big price difference? That’s because we import directly from tile manufacturers and then sell direct to the public. We cut out a maze of middlemen thereby cutting out highly inflated prices. We have a huge turnover as we sell more than 25,000m2 of tiles each week and this gives us great buying power.

Below Are Some Of Our Current Notable Products

Timber Look Tiles – Cheap Tiles Adelaide

Tile Factory Outlet boasts a wide range of timber look tiles like no other tile store. Most timber look tiles in our range are imported direct from advanced tile manufacturers of timber look tiles in Spain and Italy. Combining the natural look of timber with the ultimate practicality of a porcelain tile has made wood look tiles be the single biggest type of tiles that are sold at TFO. You will find quality wood look tiles sold at highly inflated prices in other retail stores, but at TFO, you’ll find them at unbeatable prices.

Stone Look Tiles

Here too, stone look tiles combine the practicality of porcelain tiles with the stunning look of natural stones. The latest in ink jet technology allows manufacturers like Italgraniti of Italy and Pamesa of Spain to create designs that imitate the beautiful look of natural stones in very fine detail. Customers find that the latest stone look tiles at Tile Factory Outlet are significantly lower in price than other places.

Travertine Tiles And Pavers

Previously travertine was only an option for the rich. Most other people could only admire the natural beauty of travertine tiles and pavers in state buildings and luxurious homes. However, travertine is no longer an option limited to a special few. Now at TFO, you will find travertine tiles and pavers which have been directly imported from Turkey, at prices similar to that of quality porcelain tiles. That is a big price difference therefore you will save plenty even after having them delivered to Adelaide.


We understand that it perhaps seems a bit complicated to buy tiles interstate and then have them delivered to your home. But fear not, you wouldn’t be the first one to do it. At TFO, we have had many customers from all over Australia, including Adelaide and they have happily found great savings by coming to TFO. On occasion, we have even had some customers from overseas who arranged their tiles to be shipped outside Australia. Cheap tiles Adelaide.

The cost for the delivery will vary depending on which transport company you use. The price is generally for delivery to your site on a normal truck or to the nearest depot. But if you would like them to be delivered to your door as well as unloaded with a crane or a forklift truck, you will need to contact Pickerings Transport directly (https://www.tfo.com.au/delivery) to find their current prices.