With over 700,000m2 of showroom stock to peruse, TFO provides affordable tiles of premium craftsmanship. From mosaics to large format porcelain, wood look tiles to travertine, we have the designs, textures, colours and patterns that will make any tile installation an instant success.

But we assure you, affordable tiles need not mean cutting back on quality. International best sellers are available to you from world-famous manufacturers such as Refin, Italgraniti, and Gransier. Consider some of our latest offers.

Affordable Timber Look Tiles

Timber look Italian matt floor tiles combine the durability of ceramic tiles with the natural warmth of timber. Such affordable tiles give you the power to take your flooring from functional to inviting. Their dimensions, being rectangular, mean that using them in a rectangular room will make the room appear longer. They are also ideal for hallways and walkways, visually drawing the eye down the hall. Being a timber look tile rather than actual timber means far less maintenance. It eliminates the possiblity of splintering as well as the possibility of fast deterioration due to water absorption.

Affordable Travertine Tiles

Consider another option. Tumbled travertine natural stone is available to you. Where can you use this prized tile material? You can install travertine basically anywhere you could install stone in your home. Areas such as a bath tub surround, kitchen backsplash or floors, or bathroom walls. If you are after a rustic, old world or mediterranean look, this is the tile for you. The rougher surface, rounded and uneven edges will bespeak centuries of history gone by. However they will retain an elegance in their distressed appearance.

Affordable Tiles For Walls

Rectangular, large format white wall tiles can be used in bathrooms and kitchens. The white colour means that you can easily see spots and stains than on darker colours or mottled tiles. Therefore, you can more quickly clean them leaving the room more hygenic. Moreover, the light reflecting from these tiles creates more ambient light and thus the room will appear larger and brighter. This, in turn, makes the room more comfortable to be in. These tiles are rectified meaning they have been manufactured to be exactly the same size. This allows for a virtually seemless wall appearance due to the tiny grout lines. This will further open up your room.

We also stock stacked stone, stone cladding, travertine pavers, and much, much more. All of these affordable tiles have the potential to bring your home decor vision to life.

Stop by our TFO showroom in Sydney to view our selection and compare prices. Or place an order online for savings unmatched.