Get bathroom renovation ideas and, buy high quality bathroom tiles at outlet prices at TFO. In recent years, the size of bathrooms has been growing at a rapid pace. When visiting one of Sydney’s display homes, you might just mistake the master bathroom for a bedroom because of its palatial look. Bigger sizes can certainly enrich your personal time away in the bathroom. However most pre-modern homes still have relatively small bathrooms. Making them physically bigger by knocking down walls and invading other areas might just be out of question for many home owners. So below are some bathroom renovation ideas for small bathrooms.

While the blueprint for your bathroom won’t change, following a few small bathroom decorating ideas can make it “look” more elegant, more modern and bigger.

Bathroom Renovation Idea – Light

One of the biggest factors that can affect the look of a bathroom renovation is lighting. The brighter it is, the bigger it will look. It’s best to avoid dark colours that absorb light. Choose light coloured bathroom tiles, paint and fabric. If a shower screen is in the way of sunlight, choose one that is translucent so that light can still fill the room without interference. Keep windowsills free of clutter. When it comes to bathroom tiles, polished porcelain tiles definitely help enhance the light in the bathroom. Polished porcelain wall tiles reflect light against itself. Adding large mirrors instead of small ones will also contribute in optically expanding the space.

Be creative with lighting too. Placing a light stand in the corner of the room and highlighting the sink area or the shower area with a task light might also add to the feeling of spaciousness.

Bathroom Renovation Idea – Surface Pattern

Our eyes follow patterns on surfaces such as grout joints. So, lay tiles in line with the length of the room to emphasize the depth of it. Laying rectangle bathroom wall tiles vertically would optically stretch the height of the room. Alternatively laying them horizontally would add further depth to the room. When choosing bathroom tiles, instead of going for small tiles, consider using larger and longer tiles. The fewer visible grout joints there are, the more seamless and cleaner the room will look.

Bathroom Renovation Idea – Taps

Updating the tap ware can transform a tired bathroom into a modern, visually appealing space. Black mixers can modernise most vanities.

These little tricks surely won’t change the actual size of your small bathroom. But following some smart tips can help you get the most out of your small bathroom.