There is much to be said about the personal fulfillment that comes from a successful DIY renovation tips. However there is also much to be said about botching the job and becoming the butt of family jokes for years to come. Moreover precious resources such as time and money can be wasted redoing what could and should have been done properly the first time. And we should also remember the safety risks of a job not properly done. With those sobering thoughts in mind, here are two DIY renovation tips that can help you nail your DIY renovation.

DIY Renovation Tip No.1 – Prep Makes Perfect

Not quite the maxim we’re accustomed to but it makes an important point—do not skip the prep work. Why might you be tempted to do so? Well, we have limited time. We also want to see the end result beginning to take shape. Usually the prep work does not help with those two aspects. However, there are important reasons for not skimping on the preparation. For example, if your renovation includes tiling a floor or wall you may be inclined to dive right in. But it is important to make sure that the surface to be tiled is cleaned thoroughly. This means taking the time to clean off all the debris, dirt and dust.

DIY Renovation Tips no.2 – Measure Twice Cut Once

In renovation projects, measurements need to be spot on. It would be painful to have to redo an entire project or a large portion of it because of inaccurate measurements. Once again consider the realm of tiling as an example. What can happen if you do not accurately measure the room size? Well, more than likely your room is not perfectly square. This will become known through the measurements. But this discrepancy can be compensated for by adjusting the tile spacing. But once again, this will only be possible if you properly measured the room. The aspect of measuring also includes accurately calculating how much product you will need.

With these points in mind, you are on your way to making a success of your renovation project.