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We, at TFO, consider ourselves wall tile specialists. We know we can help you in buying the perfect wall tile for your tiling project. We have hundreds of years of combined experience so we really know our stuff. Our staff have all had extensive training so that first they can show you types of wall tiles and then help you select the right colours. We have some set packages designed for those who renovate for profit, these are predominantly neutral colours that appeal to a large number of people. White wall tiles are still some of the most popular. However if you want your bathroom to show your unique personality or just to make a statement, we have all the bases covered with colour consultants on hand to lend advice. Yes, with TFO’s help, you can get that bathroom you always dreamed of for a price you can afford. We have some of the latest Italian designs all at TFO’s amazing jaw-dropping prices.

Who’s TFO?

Tile Factory Outlet has fast become Sydney’s biggest single tile outlet. With customers travelling from all over Australia, the secret is most definitely out. You can buy the latest and greatest tiles at prices which cannot be beaten. How can we do it? We combine forces with factories from around the world who are no longer satisfied with small boutique shop sales and because of our volume orders, this allows them to sell their products at prices that stop traffic. Yes, often times we find huge congestion on the Cumberland Highway at Smithfield due to the volume of customers who come in to take advantage of buying affordable tiles for their new revolution. Check out some of our online specials below.


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Glazed Porcelain: These tiles have all the advantages of ceramics except a little more expensive. They usually have better and more modern designs as factories that invest in better designs want to try to attract them to a more discerning market with more money to spend thus Glazed porcelain wall tiles are amongst the most common new wall tiles sold. The disadvantages of glazed porcelain is they do not reflect much light or at least not to such a deep level as polished porcelain. That being said polished glazed porcelain goes part of the way to overcoming this problem. Glazed porcelain is a great choice if your bathroom is a decent size and your most important priority is athsetics as glazed porcelain has almost unlimited colour and pattern range. Lately many factories are using digital technology to make glazed porcelain look like timber or marble with amazingly realistic results. As eral tip the Italians make the most stunning designs. At TFO the Italian glazed porcelain is well within reach of even the tiniest budgets.

Polished Porcelain: Whilst limited in colours they do have a deep reflection of light and are super hard to chip once laid. They are made with natural porcelain fibers and have a slight disadvantage of looking a little hazy when sunlight glances on it but overall it’s one of the nicest looking products on the market and great for small bathrooms. Many that have used it will tell you the anti slip properties are surprisingly good if used on the floor in a bathroom. This is because unlike a glazed surface water does not make it like an ice skating rink when wet. If resale is your goal this tile is for you Polished porcelain gives one of the greatest bang for buck for any renovated bathroom. They are super durable and long lasting however sometimes they need a mosaic to add colour and appeal.

Mosaics: Mosaics are made from small pieces of porcelain, marble, glass, metal products and natural stone. These tiles are great to create a feature wall, border or vertical strip. Normally super expensive thus limiting their appeal TFO has a wide range at $10 a sheet. The disadvantage of mosaic is they create extra grout joints which can make them harder to clean. We have additives to help you use them in a shower ask us how.

Splash Back Wall Tiles for Kitchens

Travertine: A highly sort after natural product that adds amazing natural beauty as no two tiles are ever the same. Each tile has been formed over thousands of years they are created when limestone deposits combine with natural springs underground, this creates an aerated or holy look (has a lot of holes, not religious). As they are formed through absorption of natural properties (its porous) a quick seal is recommended after laying sure seal has a sealer that lasts a lifetime on wall tiles. See the TFO staff for more info. TFO has a large range of polished, tumbled or honed finish travertine with holes or with their holes filled. Either way check out our prices by clicking TRAVERTINE.

Natural Stone: In this category I will include Marble, Limestone and granite. These are natural products that like the above travertine require a quick seal before use. Whilst it costs more to lay than many of the above options, nothing really compares with natural stone. Lately stackstone and sandstone  has become more popular as an internal or external wall tile. TFO has a wide range of these products.

We are sure the above has been of benefit to you in choosing the type of tile that best suits you. Now for information on preparing for installing wall tiles and choosing colours, we encourage you to come in and talk to TFO’s own colour consultants. Yes that’s right, TFO has colour consultants. Many have said that they didn’t expect to get that type of service when the prices are so cheap but we do. Come in and see for yourself.


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