5 Reasons To Buy Travertine Tiles

Travertine, like limestone, is a form of sedimentary rock and has been used in building and construction throughout the centuries. Travertine tiles have long been a popular choice among designers, architects, and home builders. Why? Because of the unique and timeless look of travertine tiles. At Tile Factory Outlet, we have a wide range of quality travertine tiles available at outlet prices. In addition, our team are trained to give you the best advice when choosing travertine tiles for your home. To make your decision easy, see the below 5 reasons why you should buy travertine tiles.

1. Travertine Tiles – Are Unique!

The top reason to buy travertine tiles is because of the uniqueness of the stone. Being a natural stone, each piece varies in density, veining, texture, and colour. It is a popular choice for all areas of the home including bathrooms, kitchens, living spaces, outdoor BBQ areas, pool areas and even facades. Travertine is quarried and cut into specific sizes. Each piece has pit holes and troughs on the surface. Travertine’s colour ranges from white to many shades of cream and silver. You can even get dark grey to coral red. Also, travertine tiles come in a huge range of surface finishes, thicknesses, and sizes, including the popular French pattern. Bull nosing is also available which is ideal for use around swimming pools and steps.

2. Tiles Travertine – The Look & Feel

Travertine feels great underfoot. This is because they are cool to touch in the summer and in winter they do not get as cold as other types of stone. As a result, it brings an earthy, antique feel to any area of your home. For example, consider a Tuscan style alfresco area extending into the pool surrounds together with bull nosing for the pool edge. Compared to other stones such as marble or granite, travertine is softer and more brittle. Because of the natural holes and troughs in the stone, many varieties are “filled”. This means that some sort of grout powder or epoxy is used to fill the holes. As mentioned previously there are many different finishes such as:

Polished – which is suitable for internal floors and bathroom walls and floors.
Honed & Filled – which is suitable for internal floors and bathroom walls and floors
Unfilled & Tumbled – perfect for use externally, alfresco areas, patios, steps, pathways & swimming pool surrounds and edging.

3. Travertine Tiles – Longevity

A testament to travertine’s durability and longevity stands today in Rome – the ancient Colosseum. Built between 70-80 AD it is still standing. Travertine is durable and truly long-lasting. Unlike man-made products, and pavers will transcend the evolving fashion trends that any home builder or renovator is constantly faced with. Overall, travertine is a classical timeless option.

Knowing natural stones, you may feel that they are indestructible. However, travertine is one of the most porous materials in the natural stone family. Travertine needs special care to maintain its beauty and durability. Because it is a very porous stone, you should not use acids and harsh chemicals when cleaning them. We also recommend sealing them so that maintenance is kept to a minimum. This results in a surface that will not only look beautiful but will also last for many years to come. For more information regarding sealing, click here to find out more about travertine sealers.

4. Use Travertine Tiles In Your Home And Add Value

Natural stone tiles add value to any project. Especially travertine tiles which are in high demand in Sydney. They create a look of opulence and luxury. In fact, using travertine is an investment which adds value to your home. Due to its resistant qualities, you can use stone flooring to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. We at TFO make your choice easy as our prices are well below the prices of retail stores.

Along with all the various products we offer at TFO, we also carry the very popular silver travertine. Silver travertine tiles contain a stunning mix of light and medium silver and brown coloured tiles. This material is widely used outdoors and occasionally indoors. Unfilled and tumbled silver travertine has natural holes in the surface, adding texture to the finish.

This also offers high slip resistance and durability. The tumbled edges of the tiles give a time worn, rustic appearance. Also, its natural colour variation hides marks very effectively. They are accurately sized, cut well and are easy to lay. They offer the perfect solution for all your internal and external areas.

5. Travertine Tiles Sydney – The Lowest Prices At TFO

Travertine tiles are no longer beyond the reach of the average household. At TFO we offer a large range of quality travertine tiles. These include travertine mosaics, silver travertine, French pattern, travertine pavers, tumbled, honed, and filled travertine. These are all at a fraction of the cost of other retailers. Our products cater for all budgets.

Therefore, you can now afford to add the charm and luxurious feel of travertine to your home today. This is because we have some of the lowest prices in Sydney. So there’s no need for you to wait for a travertine sale. Our prices are low all year round. Remember to visit us or pay the price!

If you are looking for in Sydney, look no further than TFO. Buy travertine tiles or travertine pavers now online. Don’t forget the travertine sealer. Alternatively, visit us in store today at 107 Warren Road, Smithfield.