Travertine Tiles

Travertine Tiles – Timeless Elegance

Travertine tiles are the most popular choice of natural stone tiles in Sydney. Travertine tiles, whether filled travertine or unfilled travertine, create a warm and classic space that everyone loves. They are not only beautiful, but they are also very hard wearing. Europeans have used travertine tiles in buildings for millenniums and they are still standing to this day.

Travertine tiles have long been known as an expensive product, considered an unaffordable choice for all but the finest of Sydney’s homes. However, things have changed and now this little piece of luxury is affordable to most Sydney siders with TFO having the lowest prices in Sydney. So while most tile retail stores are still putting high prices of above $100 per square meter, TFO is working hard on getting the prices down.

Why Buy Travertine Tiles from TFO

TFO imports some of the finest travertine tiles from Europe, especially from Turkey. To ensure its quality, TFO representatives check each shipment for quality. TFO imports a wide range of travertine tiles which includes tumbled travertine, honed travertine, filled travertine, unfilled travertine, polished travertine and chisel cut travertine tiles. We also have stunning French pattern travertine tiles.  They also come in a variety of sizes and colours. So you’ll find the exact travertine tile you need for your home, whether it be for an outdoor or an indoor space or for travertine for your kitchen floor or travertine for bathrooms.

TFO imports travertine tiles from the most sought after manufacturers in Turkey, but don’t expect to break your wallet to get them. That’s because we buy in bulk directly from the manufacturers and sell them direct to you, the end consumer. In other words, because we don’t go through middle men, you can buy top quality travertine tiles at prices lower than what retailers pay their wholesalers. That’s great news! You can now have elegant travertine at a price you’d expect to pay for ceramic tiles.

That’s why TFO has become Sydney’s favourite destination, not only for travertine tiles, but for all natural stone tiles. So if you want travertine for your kitchen floor, bathroom or anywhere else in your home, come check out TFO for yourself. Buy travertine tiles online now or visit our showroom today.


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