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Travertine Pavers – Why Pay More?

Travertine pavers are an elegant and timeless option for your outdoor areas. Tile Factory Outlet has become one of Sydney’s biggest and best suppliers of outdoor travertine tiles. Why is this? Simply put, it’s the price. Sydneysiders love a bargain and no better bargain can be found than at TFO.

If you are looking to pave your backyard, look no further. Many have found that for the price of traditional concrete pavers (from other shops), you can buy the most visually appealing travertine pavers from TFO.

Travertine has been used for hundreds of years in construction. Just look at the Colosseum to see how travertine stands the test of time. Travertine can transform an ordinary backyard into a stunning oasis that will be the envy of your friends and will add real value to your number one investment – your home.

There are many types of travertine pavers as travertine is available in many different colours and finishes. The colours come in light travertine, classic travertine, noce and silver. Most travertine pavers come in a tumbled finish, creating a beautiful old worn look, beautiful to look at and soft on the feet. These varieties make choosing pavers for your garden or home surrounds so much more exciting and unique.

One of the great advantages is that it does not heat up like concrete or granite pavers do, making it much more comfortable to live with and making them ideal pavers for your garden.

Travertine pavers are generally, but not limited to being produced in the following sizes, 305x305x30mm, 305x610x30mm, 406x406x30mm, 406x610x30mm and 610x610x30mm.

Another design, ever increasing in popularity, is the French pattern which is a combination of four different sizes, matched together creating a harmonious beautiful relaxing look.

Travertine comes in three main types of quality:

1. Budget – amazing colours and textures for the budget conscious.
2. Flow mix – less holes with colours that vary.
3. Premium – less holes and colour variation.

One of the great points in buying your travertine pavers from TFO, is that what you see on display is what actually is in stock. If you wish, you may also inspect the crates before buying them. We take all the mystery out of buying your travertine pavers, so come see us about all your travertine paving needs.

Travertine pavers are porous and therefore require sealing just like all natural stone. Whether used internally or externally, it should be sealed.

For your travertine pavers, we recommend a penetrating sealer. This sealer sits under the surface and does not interfere with the colour or surface in any way. All it does is, any liquid that falls on the travertine surface will bead, giving you time to wipe the surface clean before it can be absorbed into the travertine, making it more difficult to stain and easier to clean.

For a great selection of affordable premium quality travertine pavers, plus sealants, visit TFO today or buy from our online tile store now.


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