3 Benefits Of Choosing Travertine Pavers

Installing stone pavers is a great way to give your outdoor areas that natural, organic look. There are a number of different paver options available including limestone, granite Sydney’s favourite, travertine pavers. Travertine pavers are not only stunning but are also very practical. This makes them one of the best choices to add value and curb appeal to your home. Tile Factory Outlet stocks a huge range of pavers – all at outlet prices. Our specialty is travertine so here are three benefits of choosing travertine pavers.

1. The Look

Travertine is beautiful. In addition to that, being natural stone, each piece is different and unique. At TFO we carry three categories of travertine stone pavers – Budget, Flow Mix, and Premium. These come in finishes including unfilled, tumbled, antiqued, cross cut and French pattern. The colours range from cream, antique grey, silver and noce. Check which colours TFO has in stock.

Travertine pavers complement the beautiful colours of nature and give you a luxurious timeless look. As a result, all this adds value to your home. Travertine stone pavers are a great choice for pool surrounds and pavements. This is because they are great to walk on and provide a natural non-slip finish as the surface is uneven and textured. You can choose from a huge variety of travertine outdoor pavers to enhance all your outdoor areas.

2. Travertine Pavers Are Practical And Durable

Travertine is the most popular choice of natural stone pavers in Sydney. As travertine is in the limestone family, it holds up extremely well as a material for outdoor pavers. Furthermore, if you have travelled overseas you would have seen that travertine is common everywhere. Used for iconic monuments, building facades, pathways and even streets- it endures the test of time. Travertine becomes more beautiful with age and in fact lasts for centuries. You also can use travertine pavers in alfresco areas, for balconies, pathways, around swimming pools and for pool edging or bull nosing. Don’t forget travertine tiles and pavers need to be sealed to protect and preserve their natural beauty. So why not check out our range of sealers and cleaners. Then you can enjoy your stone with minimal maintenance.

3. The Price

Buy Turkish travertine stone pavers at Australia’s lowest prices at TFO. We offer quality travertine stone pavers at about the same price as you would pay for concrete pavers elsewhere. Because of our great prices we get customers from all over greater Sydney and interstate. They save thousands, even after the price of freight. So now there is no need to pay boutique prices ever again. Only at TFO will you find travertine pavers for the lowest prices on the market!

If you are looking for pavers in Sydney, look no further than TFO. We offer you the look and the price. Come visit us today to view our vast range of gorgeous pavers or buy from our online tile store now.