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Latest Italian and Spanish Timber Look Tiles, Sydney’s Biggest Range at Sydney’s Lowest Prices

Timber look tiles are the single best new product in tiles in years. They have quickly become the tile of choice for most Sydney siders. TFO has fast become the single biggest superstore selling these products in Australia. People from all over Australia come to buy these incredible tiles at incredibly low prices. Why do people flock to TFO for these tiles? For a number of reasons, but here are the three most popular.

  • People want to get the latest and greatest. TFO has partnerships with some of Europe’s best tile producers to supply the newest and best timber look tiles directly to the public through TFO’s Smithfield showroom. You can buy some of the best timber look tiles at TFO.
  • A wide range. No one has time to trudge around to the hundreds of tile stores in Sydney. TFO has the biggest range, all on display, so you can imagine what the tiles will look like in your home.
  • This may be the main reason! TFO has the best prices on timber look tiles in Sydney. Why not purchase exclusive brands at very low prices? Yes, at TFO, you will find a bargain and save a fortune.  Why not check out the prices below?

The timber tile trend has been revolutionized by TFO. This trend doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon with the leading manufacturers continuing to expand their ranges ever wider. Why should you choose timber look tiles for your home? Below are 4 of the many reasons why:

1. Resistance to water and scratching

Unlike natural timber that is sensitive to water and easy to scratch, timber look tiles that are made of porcelain bodies are extremely hard wearing. A glazed surface makes them resistant to water absorption which prevents any damaging elements from staining the surface. A hard porcelain body makes them extremely hard to scratch. They can even be used outdoors or in a high traffic commercial environment.

2. A wide range of colours and designs

Innovative technology has allowed manufacturers to produce a wide range of stunning colours and designs using ink-jet digital printing. In comparison to traditional glazing, this new method makes it possible to reproduce the warm character of natural timber in fine detail. TFO has a wide range of timber look tiles, ranging from light to dark and modern to rustic, while still retaining the delicate natural character of timber.

3. Easy to maintain

It goes without saying but glazed tiles are easier to maintain compared to natural timber. There is no need for periodical sealing or any other special care. The smooth finish of timber look tiles makes it easy to clean.

4. Environmentally friendly

Another obvious point, producing timber look porcelain tiles requires that no real trees be cut down. Additionally, many of our timber look tile providers from Europe use recycled materials to minimise the impact on the environment. Look for the LEED Green Building Council logo when purchasing timber look porcelain tiles.

If you are in the market for the best wood floor tiles and the latest designs, look nowhere else other than TFO. But the best thing about buying timber look tiles at TFO is the price. Directly imported from European top brands, TFO’s timber look tiles are offered at the lowest prices in Sydney. Browse our wide range of the best wood look porcelain tiles now!

Please note that all tiles bow slightly as it’s a part of the firing process. Some Italian timber look tiles sold by TFO have a special levelling ability, however the vast majority do not. To avoid issues, most factories, and also TFO, recommend laying them on the 80/20 percent ratio rule. That is where the adjacent parallel tiles begin at 20% from either end of the tile.If you have a less than experienced tiler who does not lay a lot of timber look tiles, we suggest you look at using a tile levelling system. A simple browse on eBay will show a multitude of systems that range widely in price and quality. However, most of these systems will greatly reduce any of the lipping issues you may be experiencing.

With these technical issues out of the way, enjoy the beauty and practicality of truly remarkable products – timber look tiles!


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