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Sydney Tiles – Where To Buy The Best Value For Money

Whether you are looking for gloss white wall tiles for your kitchen, luxurious marble tiles for your bathroom, black slate floor tiles for your outdoor area or even if you’re just sick of your old tiles and want to tile over the top of your old ones, there can be no doubt that in the Sydney area, there are a number of tile shops to choose from for your Sydney tiles.

However, do you really want to spend all of your weekend looking round ten different Sydney tiles shops, browsing their limited ranges, pricing up different styles and colours from one shop to another and having to go back and forth to see which tile is right for you?

When you work hard all week, would you choose to shop for tiles the old fashioned way or would rather save your time, energy and most importantly money and shop for your tiles a better way?

How would you feel about shopping in a place that contained every style of tile that you could think of for both commercial and domestic projects, a place that had more than 350,000 square meters available for same-day pickup, a place where you could save over 50% on your order and best of all, a place that was only a 30 minute drive from anywhere in Sydney?

The Best Place For Sydney Tiles

Tile Factory Outlet carries the largest range of Sydney tiles from all the biggest brands, such as Monalisa and RAK ceramics, Ceramica, Refin plus many more. Shopping at Tile Factory Outlet could save you a small fortune on your next tiling project. As they offer brand new, quality tiles at auction prices why would you want to pay full price for the exact same tile anywhere else?

The full range of tiles that Tile Factory Outlet offer can be seen at their outlet store which is only a quick 30 minute drive from anywhere in Sydney or best of all, you can also view the online tile store at

When you shop online, finding and buying the perfect tile couldn’t be easier. Simply find the style and colour that is right for you and then simply make one quick phone call to TFO’s helpful and informative customer service team who have over 100 years experience. In fact, it’s fair to say that there isn’t much that they don’t know about tiles. Even if you aren’t sure exactly what you are looking for, Tile Factory Outlet staff will be more than happy to help point you in the right direction for your Sydney tiles.

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  1. This store is great! I love how they have all kinds of tiles at a cheap price. And the service is just great. Also these posts that they are currently doing are just wonderful and the online store very convenient.

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  5. I would definitely visit this store. Avoiding losing time by looking round ten different shops is something we all want. The Tile Factory Outlet is like a single big store that contains all these little shops.