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The Latest In Italian Design To Hit The Sydney Market

Cerdisa – Growing With Industry Leaders

Tile Factory Outlet is proud to announce that their relationship with Italian brand name companies is fast growing.  TFO started their relationship with just one company a few years ago and is now dealing with six high-profile, top-end, well-known brand companies such as Cerdisa.

Cerdisa is a company which is part of Gruppo Cermiche Ricchetti, is listed on the Italian Stock Exchange.  Cerdisa Ceramiche of Sassuolo was founded in 1959. A company which is dedicated to the development of cutting-edge production technologies at the plants of the Ceramiche Ricchetti Spa group.

Today, the Cerdisa brand appears on a range of ceramic floor and wall coverings with high appearance and technology values, positioned at the high end of the market in terms of research, creativity and quality. Its innovation is rooted in a legacy of experience and research consolidated over time, with an ever-increasing focus on the needs of its customers, reflected in full-service solutions for the construction of design schemes suitable for the individual and the community.

Strictly all-Italian ceramic tile tradition and styling, experience and innovation, are all combined in an excellence that guides Cerdisa towards new solutions for the world of architecture and large projects.  Cerdisa produces tiles that are beautiful yet functional.

Cerdisa takes an ethical, responsible attitude to the environment and the people who belong to it. The company uses renewable energy sources, their production plants are technological state of the art systems which reuse the production waste and process water, guaranteeing the very highest quality throughout the entire production process, certified in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standards. Cerdisa is a member of the U.S.

Green Building Council (USGBC), the American association that implements and regulates the construction of sustainable buildings by means of LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. Thanks to their technical-structural characteristics and 20% to 40% recycled material content, many Cerdisa brand products are able to contribute to a building’s LEED® score.

Cerdisa is now launching their EC-1 range which was developed with Architects based in the London area EC-1. This range comes in 6 colours, white, grey, anthracite, beige, coco and chocolate. This product come  in various sizes with finishes in Natural R10, Strutturato R12, Lappato and Polished. It is a full body porcelain and requires no sealing.  Suitable for both residential and commercial applications for indoor, outdoor, floors, walls and external facades.

Cerdisa have selected TFO to stock this range and to sell them for competitive prices to compete with the Chinese products.  The Italian companies want to regain some of their lost sales in the Australian market, so the Tile Factory Outlet model is perfect as it turns over large volumes of products.

So why not see these high quality Italian products, that would normally sell for circa $100 /m2 through normal retailers – now available at Tile Factory Outlet at prices comparable to what the normal market price is for Chinese products.

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