Find the Right Tile Store in Sydney – A Must Follow 3 Steps

Buy the tiles you love at Sydney’s lowest prices at TFOTM. How many tile shops do you know in Sydney? There are literally hundreds of tile shops in Sydney. How confusing it is when you see so many shops with so many options and varying prices. Here are 3 tips on how you can find a tile shop you can trust in Sydney.

1. Check what everyone else is saying about the shop

It’s not hard to see what everyone else is saying about a tile shop these days. There are numerous review sites including google review that can provide you with great insight to what everyone else thinks about a particular tile shop. It’s not rare to see a very negative review, just because a shop looks good, it doesn’t mean that you’ll get committed service from them.
Here at TFO, we have numerous customers who testify to the great quality products, prices and service we provide. Around 30 percent of new customers come from word of mouth.

2. Make sure the prices are right

It pays to shop around before you make any decision. You’ll be absolutely amazed to see the price difference for very similar products between tiles Sydney dealers. Unfortunately, paying more for tiles doesn’t necessarily give you better tiles. In most cases, overly inflated prices are due to a low turnover and a maze of middlemen involved before the products reach the shop front.

Here at TFO, low prices are one of our selling points. Exquisite natural stone tiles, timber look tiles and stunning Italian tiles, are all directly imported from manufacturers in Europe and sold directly to the public with the lowest possible margins. The prices are so low that some are worried that we are not legitimate. But no such concern is necessary as our products are all 100% top quality products, they are just cheap prices.

3. Feel the experience of the sales staff

Trustworthy tile shops would care about their customers. They’d make sure that they have knowledgeable personnel who can help their customers make an informed decision without making them feel pressured. You should be able to sense the confidence in the staff and they should help you feel at ease. Beware, so many tiles Sydney shops employ inexperienced staff or people who try to pressure you into buying their products. Simply avoid them!

Here at TFO, we are proud of our history. We have over 100 years of combined experience in tiles. We not only have knowledge like no other but also care about your shopping experience. The showroom is always full of people having smiles on their faces.

Here at TFO, we encourage you to shop around because we are so confident that you will come back to us in the end. Yes, it can be an overwhelming experience at the start to find the tiles Sydney shop you can trust, but we are confident that you’ll love the tiles and service we provide at Tile Factory Outlet.