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Posted By: Leigh, → Enquiry15/10/15 09:07:52
Hi I am just enquiring whether you sell a matte satin finish sealant for travertine tiles? Kind regards Leigh
Answer by TFO → Leigh
TFO TilesThank you for your enquiry. If you’re after a matt finish sealant for travertine, Sure Seal 24/7 Stone Water Base Impregnating Sealer is what we’d recommend. It comes in 1L, 5L and 20L variants. The effect is longer lasting than a traditional sealant as it penetrates the body of the tiles. For more details, please visit us or call us on 9892 4833.
Posted By: Michelle, → Enquiry08/10/15 08:13:09
Do you have in stock 100 square meters of Travertine tile shown in above picture? Look forward to hearing from you
Answer by TFO → Michelle
TFO TilesThank you for contacting us. The closest product we have now is this: https://www.tfo.com.au/buy-tiles-online/all-tiles/buy-travertine-pavers/tumbled-travertine-paver The dimensions are 305x305x30mm and we currently have about 190 sqm in stock.
Posted By: Nell, → Enquiry03/09/15 04:51:55
In picture above there is a dark grey slat tile would you haVE 15M2 IN IT
Answer by TFO → Nell
TFO TilesThank you for your enquiry. There is probably approx. 7-8 sqm of stones in that wall. We currently don’t have exactly the same model in stock. However, we have a similar model available, which you may like to check out: https://www.tfo.com.au/buy-tiles-online/all-tiles/buy-stackstone/silver-galaxy-quartzite-interlocking-stackstone
Posted By: Stephen Morley, → Enquiry27/04/15 08:44:15
Hello, I am looking for 90m2 of 400×400 travertine tiles, delivered to Adelaide Hills. What do you have available and at what price? Thanks
Answer by TFO → Stephen Morley
TFO TilesThank you for your inquiry. Yes, we have a range of travertine tiles in the size you require. What kind of finish are you after? Here is an example of brushed and chiseled travertine: www.tfo.com.au/buy-tiles-online/all-tiles/buy-travertine-tiles/picasso-travertine-brushed-and-chiselled-finish With regards to delivery, Pickering’s transport can arrange the delivery for you. Their number is (02) 9725 3433. Please note that 90m2 of travertine will most likely be packed in 4 pallets.
Posted By: Khandaker, → Question23/04/15 07:18:46
Can we install stack stone on outdoor wall?
Answer by TFO → Khandaker
TFO TilesThanks for your inquiry. Sure, you can install stackstones on outside walls provided that it’s a concrete or brick foundation that is rendered. A suitable adhesive must be used. We recommend the combination of Davco SMP Evo and Davelastic. Everything can be purchased at TFO. Feel free to call us on 9892 4930 for more information.
Posted By: Peggy, → Question23/04/15 07:12:47
Hi, Just wanted to know the name and price of the tile that you have in pool pic for the exterior tiles. The cream ones. Thanks Peggy
Answer by TFO → Peggy
TFO TilesHi Peggy, Thank you for contacting us. The product is called Mineral D Dolomite, made by Italgraniti. It’s a beautiful tile as you can see. The price is $34 per square meter and we have some stocks left now. For more details, please go to www.tfo.com.au/buy-tiles-online/all-tiles/buy-bathroom-tiles/dolomite-italian-r11-anti-slip-porcelain-tile. Thank you
Posted By: Francis, → Question23/04/15 06:53:14
Can I use travertine tiles for my bathroom walls and floor.
Answer by TFO → Francis
TFO TilesSure, of course you can. You may prefer to use filled travertine tiles to prevent water from getting trapped in the holes. But travertine would be luxurious in a bathroom without a doubt.
Posted By: Natalie Corcoran, → Enquiry22/04/15 09:51:49
Hello, We have brought tiles previously from your outlet and have been happy with your product and would like to know if you are stocking the Platinum or Silver Travertine in a tile or paver as yet?? Thank you for your time
Answer by TFO → Natalie Corcoran
TFO Tiles

So glad to hear you are a happy repeat customer, we have silver travertine currently at amazing prices, we have the 406x406x30mm and we have the 406x610x12mm

They are both unfilled and tumbled Travertine, which particular size are you after?

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