• Gloss White Rectified Tiles in 300x600mm are most commonly used for bathroom walls. Rectified means that the tiles have straight edges and can be laid closer together creating a seamless look.
  • Coloured floor tiles 300x300mm in a matt finish are the perfect floor covering for a bathroom floor. They are sturdy, easy to keep clean and resistant to slipping. See our Bathroom Selection Outlet for more ideas.
  • Using larger tiles will make the room look bigger because larger tiles mean less grout joints.
  • Using lighter colours makes the room look bigger.
  • Using Gloss or Polished tiles will make the room look bright and airy as Gloss or Polished tiles reflect lots of light.
  • Use the same colour tile in different sizes, 300x600mm on the walls and a matching 300x300mm for the floor, this will make the room appear bigger.
  • Add a feature on the wall and you will add panache and elegance to your bathroom. You can use one of the many marble or glass mosaics available. A row of mosaics from the floor to the ceiling is popular or even tiling a whole wall.

Internal Floors:

  • By using the same product from the front entry, living areas, kitchen and bedrooms and extending it to the outdoors in a slip-resistant finish, your home will flow and make your living spaces appear bigger.
  • Use larger format tiles to make the rooms look bigger.
  • Using a Polished Porcelain will give you a very stylized, clean look.
  • Natural Stones add the beauty of time to any application. Although they do need some maintenance natural stone adds value to any home and will endure the test of time.

Kitchen Floors:

  • Worried about slipping on shiny floors? You can use a matt, honed or full body porcelain for your flooring option. These particular products are very tough and are resistant to slipping, scratching and staining.
  • Natural stones can be used both internally and externally to achieve well balanced and flowing living spaces.

Kitchen Splashbacks:

  • You can use Large White Gloss Rectified Tiles with a row of glass mosaics to add colour and beauty to your kitchen.
  • Try tiling the whole splashback with a selection from the wonderful range of glass or marble mosaics – you can afford to do it with our very attractive low priced mosaics.
  • Polished Porcelain Tiles make a great splashback as they take less grouting and provide lots of reflection, making the splashback sparkle.

External Living Areas:

  • What tiles can be used outdoors? There are many tiles that can be used outdoors; ceramic tiles in anti-slip finishes, porcelains, and natural stones such as slate, limestone and travertine.
  • Want to create a resort style atmosphere in your own home? Start by choosing your external tile to match your roof tiles or roof colour. This will re-enforce your colour scheme and give you a refined finish.
  • If you are thinking of using natural stone for your outdoor areas then you are on track. Natural Stones such as Travertine Pavers are perfect for use outdoors. Travertine is a natural stone which is quarried and cut into various sizes and thicknesses for a variety of applications.
  • Paving is an integral element of any outdoor design and is perhaps one of the most crucial considerations when designing your outdoor area due to****
  • Want to extend your living area to the outdoors? It is easy; just continue with the same colour tiles you have chosen for your internal living areas and choose a slip – resistant version for your exterior areas. By doing this you achieve a fully co-ordinated look and your home will appear more spacious.
  • You can unify your interiors and exteriors by using natural stones, on your internal floor, bathroom walls and floors and right through to your external paving and pool coping.

Feature Walls:

Our Australian climate is perfect to create a resort style atmosphere in your own home

  • Build a feature wall which can be tiled with a selection of different products available in the marketplace, such as brightly colored glazed feature tiles (as shown in pic.X). Place your BBQ in a central location together with your outdoor dining table, then you can entertain almost all year round.
  • Add a water feature to smooth your senses. The sound of running water is calming and gives you a feeling of well-being. Let your creative abilities flow and tile a strikingly simple pot with beautiful glass or marble mosaic in a color that compliments the floor tiles. Add lighting and an ambient mood is created instantly, as seen in Picx


  • The desire for a unified interior and exterior is one of the driving forces behind the escalating use of natural stone as a pool paving and coping product. Natural stones can be used both internally and externally to achieve well balanced and flowing living spaces.
  • The right paving selection has the ability to bring a pool area to life. With the increasing trend of using the same tiles for both interior and exterior spaces to create a sense of unity and cohesiveness.
  • Tile the interior of your pool with Dot Mounted Pool Mosaics. Each porcelain tile has been glued together in a 30x30cm sheet, allowing for over 85% coverage for the tile adhesive to bind correctly. This makes them much easier to lay than paper face or mesh. Tiling your pool will make the water sparkle whilst adding value to your project.

Architectural Design:

The use of tiles, stackstone, natural stones as features in new homes are very popular and continue to evolve.

  • Include a tiled façade to the exterior design of your new home. You can use one of the many products available in the marketplace. This will add a touch of individual style by making your home stand out from the rest. See pic XX
  • Paving and retaining walls are a key element to any outdoor area, make a statement by paving your external flooring areas and adding bold feature walls or even by simply framing garden areas.
  • Choose a stackstone which complements your colour scheme and use it in creative ways, such as for feature walls and columns. The richness of colour and texture of natural stone will add great value to your project.